Busty Story - Naughty Amber

from: Jeff

My car was in the shop and I was waiting for my girlfriend to come by and pick me up so we could go out to a club. So it was a surprise that when the doorbell rang and I answered it was her roommate instead.

She has never been the most attractive woman, not unattractive or fat in the least, but not a looker either. That being said she has the largest set of tits and I am rarely able to take my eyes off them. Amber told me that she was picking me up on her way home from work to save Julie the trip to my side of town. I figured that was ok and went to get my coat when Amber asked if she could come in and use the bathroom.

Of course I agreed and when she came in and took off her coat I was back to my old self and staring at her huge tits straining against her white sweater. Of course I was busted again and she gave me a little smile as my face turned red and she headed into the bathroom. After a few minutes she came back out and as I reached for my coat it became obvious that Amber had removed her bra. My eyes immediately fixated on her now free swinging boobs inside that white sweater. I could now make out the dark areolas around her hard nipples.

I tried to look away as if I had not seen anything when she took a step toward me and asked if there was something of interest that was distracting me. As I began to answer (what the answer was, I have no idea) she took another step and lifted her sweater up, letting her large 38DDs fall out. I was speechless when she told me that she always noticed me staring at her chest. She admitted that she enjoyed it and often stared at the bulge it created in my pants. I was still not sure how to handle this as I am typically a very loyal person and I didn't want to mess up a good thing with Julie. Amber said that she would never say anything and that this would be our secret. Besides she just wanted me to cum all over her tits.

I agreed and asked how she planned on accomplishing this. She smiled at my comment as she removed her sweater completely and slid to her knees in front of me. By the time she undid my zipper and got my pants down I was extremely hard and my cock popped out of my boxers and bounced into her cheek with a thud. She giggled as she raised up and lifted her boobs until they had my member firmly planted between them.

She began lifting them up and down stroking me gently between them in the process. Amber looked up and told me how she had been fantasizing about this for a long time and that she knew Julie could never perform such a service since she is just an A cup. I said something in response but I can't remember. All I can remember was watching my cock disappear between those milky white melons time and time again. I was already feeling the early signs of cumming after what was only about two minutes.

She sensed this and said that it looked like I had thought about this as well. This caused me to stiffen a little more and Amber lowered her head and took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked it each time I rose up through her boobs. After only a half dozen or so of these strokes my knees were buckling as I began to cum.

First her lips, then on her chin and then as my cock continued on its downward stroke I unloaded a good deal an her chest and finished up between her large, soft and delicious boobs. Once I was finished spurting she released me from between her breasts and brought me back to her warm mouth where she cleaned me off with her tongue and wet lips. When completed she sat back on her legs and told me that I tasted as good as I looked and she began massaging my cum into her large breasts. Every few moments she would lick a bit of goo off of her fingers and then continued until her breasts were evenly glistening. She finally stood and put her bra and sweater back on and explained how she was going to keep my jizz on all night.

Well I dated Julie for a few more months and Amber repeated her performance about half a dozen more times. She never allowed me to touch or kiss her or her exquisite tits for some reason but that was fine with me. We never dated afterwards either, Amber just said that she was more interested in the naughty aspect of taking what did not belong to her and I only saw her once after my breakup with Julie. This was at a party and nothing happened between us that night.

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