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28 May: Kylee Wilson of Zishy

Kylee Wilson of Zishy

I am not going to repeat again that Zishy is a wonderful site with great next door discoveries (oops I did it again). Here you see young 'n sweet blonde Kylee Wilson, a college girl who works in a grocery store, showing her curvy body in- and outdoors.  

A British webcam performer who lives up to her screen name: NaturalBigBoobs

28 May: Jaye wants you to wank

Jaye wants you to wank

A few days after I posted this chess in a black dress gallery, the owner of Downblouse Loving sent me an email. He wrote that he  had some unposted clips of her and that he was going to release them in the coming weeks. He indeed did that (there are now 78 clips of her in the member area) and one of them is this one where she wants you to wank over her big tits (seems like a small favour to do lol).   

28 May: Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall

Georgie Lyall is not really my type but still I like her a lot. Fron what I read she sadly is no longer around to entertain us. But I did stumble about this fetish movie of Harmony Vision where she's a mistress dominating a tied up guy. Well to be honest that's really not my cup of tea (you will never spot me in dungeon). So I made this early career shoot for Only Tease as the main gallery of the post.   

27 May: Redhead Lillith Von Titz

Redhead Lillith Von Titz

You all know about my soft spot for redheads, so you can imagine my reaction when someone mailed today and wrote: "Hey do you know Lillith Von Titz of My Naked Dolls?'. I didn't know but I will never forget her again believe me. This slender 'n sensual redhead from Austria with beautiful big breasts is extraordinary, simple as that :P And two gems from the past as a bonus: Yara (also from Austria) and Marta (another beauty from My Naked Dolls).  

27 May: Two times Sandra Milka

Two times Sandra Milka

I always felt that Sensual Jane and Sandra Milka looked (and also acted) very similar. It is pure coincidence that after I made the post below noticed that two new scenes of Sandra were released today (I can't be more up to date than that). At Bangbros she's having sex in public and at Big Naturals she does the same time in the comfort of a house.  

27 May: Jane as a cheerleader

Jane as a cheerleader

Busty cheerleaders seem to be out of fashion. As the last time I posted one was over three years (I couldn't believe that myself). But now there's legendary Sensual Jane to end the drought. Not sure who she's cheering for her though, herself maybe but she looks damn good I give her that... Gallery.  

Good looking goth model Chelsea Christian

26 May: Amanda Love mirror

Amanda Love mirror

Tuesdays at Cosmid are dedicated to Amanda Love for the coming weeks/months. So the first thing I did this morning after turning on my computer is check her out update. And what else can I say than that she's looks spectacular in front of the mirror. I am already looking forward to next week, it's so good to have this smiley girl in my life... Amanda Love of Cosmind undresses in front of the mirror.

26 May: Leanne 'Call of Duty'

Leanne 'Call of Duty'

I love shoots that think out of the box (or should I say out of the X-box) and gives us more than 'just' nudity. Here we have our good friend Leanne Crow playing the online shooter Call of Duty. Not into gaming? Well Leanne plays it with her tank top lifted up, so there's plenty of entertainment for everyone!  

Pretty blonde Anna waiting for you in her bedroom. 

26 May: Samantha38g in a coat

Samantha38g in a coat

Being naked wearing a open coat looks amazing and I would love tomake a future special about it. However I am afraid I don't have enough content. On top of my head I remember great shoots of Conny and Sapphire and there probably a few others but not enough. Well as you see I can add Samantha38G to the list too, so we're slowy getting somewhere... Gallery (my favourite shots of her ever are these).    

25 May: Titty fuck aynone?

Titty fuck aynone?

Busty Buffy asking Titty Fuck Anyone? must be the perfect example of a rhetorical question. The guy she's with didn't think twice and eagler unzipped his pants. The pictures of this looks so glorious, I can only imagine how good this must be to experience yourself... Busty Buffy 'Titty Fuck Anyone'?

The gorgeous Sanndye online now!

25 May: A free ride for Anastasia

A free ride for Anastasia

Aneta the older lady with saggy mega boobs (or mega saggy boobs) who we saw last week, now also appears as at OMG Big Boobs as Barbara.  

Anastasia Lux, also featured last week, goes for a ride in the Fake Taxi. The driver offers her free ride in exchange for seeing her large naturals and ends up paying her 300 pounds for her extra services :) 

25 May: Juicy girlfriends

Juicy girlfriends

Yes Viola time again and once more she's isn't alone. As she did this shoot for Showy Beauty called 'juicy girlfriends'  together with her A-cuped friend Patritcy. Oranges are by the way her favourite kind of fruit, as she hold them before in this shoot for Femjoy. More busty girls promoting fruit in this previous special.   

Curly haired Paula naked on the floor. 

24 May: Boobloving doctors

Boobloving doctors

Don't tell me you never had the fantasy of being a doctor a be able to examine nude girls (more specifally girls with big breasts). Reality may not good as it sounds (ugly old women, medical ethics etc.) but hey that isn't the point of a fantasty right? The pictures and clips in this gallery do feed that fantasy. My absolute favourite example is the one of Italian mainstream actress Debora Caprioglio (her entire career is very much worth checking out).   

23 May: Shy Kotone Nishida

Shy Kotone Nishida

The shy girl act is a recipe we have seen several times before in Japanese productions. It's probably an act but a well acted one that I enjoy tremendously. Especially when you add a sweater (another frequenly used ingredient in Japan) to the mix and pair of quality boobs like Kotone Nishida carries around with her.   

Libely a very attractive 50 years old from Russia. 

23 May: Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye

I don't know Cameron Skye personally but she comes across as a really nice person. It's not just the fact that she shares her big tits on the world (also regulary on webcam), I like her smile and natural looks and the way she communicates on Twitter. It would be great to see her appear on more sites, sofar Scoreland and Cosmid have shot her and also Yes Boobs had the pleasure in the past months.    

22 May: Amanda Love jumps

Amanda Love jumps

This clip of Amanda Love only lasts one minute, but it's the best minute you're going to have today guaranteed. When the shoot is almost over and the guy of Cosmid asks Amanda if she's done, she herself takes to initiative to jump on bed topless (is that a dream girl or what?). One the of best moments of bouncing big boobs ever and worthy of the wow tag in every way :P Don't miss it! 

21 May: In the garden with Joey

In the garden with Joey

As you may have noticed yourself my site was down for several hours. I used that time to clean-up and re-organize my hard drive (I collect busty content like a squirrel collects nuts you see). While doing that I stumbled upon a shoot of Joey Fisher at Hayley's Secrets that I never used before. So let's make something good out of bad situation and admire the divine breasts of Joey Fisher in the garden. 

21 May: Meet Anastasia Lux

Meet Anastasia Lux

I justed added British brunette Anastasia Lux to Busty Legends. I was aware of her existince for a while already (she did several shoots for Scoreland including a hardcore one) but somehow got distracted and it was this gallery of We Are Hairy that triggered me to give her a formal introduction. She also submitted several home made sex videos to Busty Britiain where she's called April.  

21 May: Alena's heavy hangers

Alena's heavy hangers

When you visit forum (when discussing Lucie Wilde for example) you can read stuff like "wait till she's 40 and those boobs will be down on her knees. I always hate such comments (and often it isn't even valid, isn't that right Kelly?. Anyway in the case of Alena they do have a point, but that doesn't stop me from being intrigued by those heavy hangers (and wondering how she looked 20 years ago)!        

20 May: Meet Melody Meadows

Meet Melody Meadows

I already wrote on Saturday that Yes Boobs is getting better and better and here's more proof of my statement. As I have the very natural looking brunette Melody Meadows for you who takes off her bra and presents her very big boobs for the first time. Her boyfriend talked her into it, stating how hot he thought it would be to know that other guys are jacking off to her (thanks for that pal!). 

20 May: Spending a day with August

Spending a day with August

Ok the idea of spending a day with August Ames is kind of similar as the diary entries of Tessa and Leanne (see yesterday). And yes this day also starts in the morning but the similarites stop there. And I am positive you know what I am talking about :) Let me put it this way: What would you do with August? Well that's exactly what happens (and more).   

20 May: Aria Skye and Julia

Aria Skye and Julia

Young blonde Aria Skye from Minnesota was a Christmas present. Since then Cosmind released some nice updates. In this gallery Aria takes off her clothes and lingerie in the bedroom. And for some more action check out this clip cause there she's not only strips but also shows her pole dancing skills.  

Julia from Japan looks stunning in these pics. 

19 May: My dirty maid Ada

My dirty maid Ada

Away from feminism now :) Someone give me the number of this maid service right away? Cause I want to order the services of Ada Sanchez badly. The first thing she does is taking off all her clothes and then thoroughly cleans, scrubs, sweeps. And when the house is spotless and clean, she sucks and fucks. I am unaware of the rates but I am sure she's worth every cent :P Ada Sanchez My Dirty Maid.    

19 May: Maria Agrado from Spain

Maria Agrado from Spain

I wrote about female porn director Erika Lust before. She is a feminist who's goal it is to make women/couple friendy erotic movies.  That works for me (but hey I am pretty femine person!) and I love the two movies she made with a wonderful woman from Spain named Maria Agrado. The first one is boy/girl one 'Hello Pool Boy' and the second is girl threesome 'I wish I was a lesbian'. Recommended!  

19 May: Leanne Crow wakes up

Leanne Crow wakes up

Assuming this is not your first time visiting, you all have seen the Tessa's diary day. Well you can't go wrong with copying such an excellent idea and that's what Leanne Crow does, starting from step one: waking up. "I am NOT a morning person! So excuse me while I lounge a bit and try to get the blood pumping.  At least I have my dogs, who ALWAYS have loads of energy, morning or not."

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