Busty Story: My aunt's boobs

from: Mike

When I was growing up, and first started to notice women, I saw that all the women in my family had big boobs. My mom, grandmother and my aunts, even my sisters.

When I was about 14, I was spending the summer at one of my aunt's houses. She was only about 15 years older and didn't seem like an aunt, more like a sexy girl a bit older than me. She always wore cutoffs and "wife beater" white t-shirts around the house and had a massive rack that I later found out was 44DDD! (I snuck a peek in the laundry basket one afternoon to search for the tag on her bra)

Every time she walked, those big tits would jiggle up and down and sway gently from side to side. I could only guess at the weight as they strained her t-shirt. She wasn't fat at all, but she had the classic hourglass figure that Russ Meyer would have lusted after for a part in one of his movies.

I just couldn't get the sexy image of those big tits out of my head. One morning she was making me breakfast and had the same outfit on but no bra. Her tits were almost visable through her t-shirt and they were plenty firm even without the support of a bra.

After I ate, I couldn't wait to get into the bathroom to jack off and relieve a little of the pressure in my pants. As soon as she started cleaning up the kitchen, I was in there with my pants around my ankles stroking my young hardon. All I could think of was fondling those huge boobs to my hearts content!

I heard a noise and turned around and there was my aunt with a stack of bath towels from the laundry to put away. All I could do was try to cover up. I felt like a fool with my pants down and my hardon throbbing under my hands as I tried to cover it up.

She just kind of stared for about a second and then put the towels down and said I didn't have to be embarrassed because masturbating was normal. She did however say (with a grin) that I should make sure to lock the bathroom door to have some privacy. From then on, if I wanted to head off into the bathroom, she always was cool about it and reminded me to clean up any mess I made.

So for a couple of weeks, thats how it went. One night after dinner, she asked if I had ever had "The Sex Talk" from my folks. I told he that I hadn't, and she said that if I ever needed to know anything that I could come ask her.

She said she noticed I was spending a lot of time in the bathroom and wanted to know if I was masturbating all those times. When I said yes, she said that she had some lube I could use so I didn't rub myself raw. I went into the bathroom with her and she got a tube of lube from the medicine cabinet and handed it to me.

When I just looked at it, she asked if I knew how to use it. I said no, I just used my hand. She said that I could hold out my hand and she would put some in the palm. It felt cold at first, but very slippery. I felt kinda funny standing there with my aunt and a handful of lube, but she just said "Go ahead and do what you always do, just do it with this stuff".

With my hands full of lube, I didn't want to get it all over my clothes, so she leaned over and pulled my pants down and said "Go ahead, it'll get warmed up when you start". She leaned back against the vanity and folded her arms across her massive chest and was going to watch. I told her I couldn't do it in front of her, but with my cock standing out hard as a rock, she said it looked like I was ready.

She said "I mean it. Go ahead, get started". I wrapped my hand around my cock and started slowly stroking. It felt completely different being lubed up. It was wonderful! My cock was 100 times more sensitive being all slippery and wet. She said "That feels pretty good doesn't it?" I had to admit that it did.

She was just leaning back watching me stroke and started asking me questions while I pumped my hand. "Do you take long? Do you have a girlfriend? Have you ever done anything with a girl? How often do you masterbate? What do you think about when you do it?" Then she told me she knows I stare at her boobs all the time! "So, you like big boobs huh?" I told her that they were the most beautiful boobs I'd ever seen.

She kind of smiled and asked "Just how many boobs have you seen young man?" I told her I hadn't seen any really, at least not naked, just in magazines. Then she asked if I wanted to see hers. I couldn't believe she would let me! All I had to do was ask she said.

So I asked and she took off the t-shirt. They were the sexiest pair of tits I've ever seen to this day! Big, full, round, with perfect nipples. She cupped them and bounced them up and down with her hands.

I was really pumping my cock now and she said I could slow down and take it easy, she wouldn't put her shirt on until I was done. She rubbed her big tits while I tried to slow down and keep myself from coming.

When she started to pinch her nipples I couldn't hold off and started to pound my cock as hard as I could to finally get some relief! At the first shot of cum, she said in a soft voice "Just relax honey and let it happen. Show me how much you love me". For the next minute or so, I loved her a lot!

After I was finished, she leaned over and kissed my cheek and said if I needed to masturbate more, I could use her lube any time I needed, just make sure the door was locked.

She walked out of the bathroom topless and I spent most of the afternoon lubing up over and over jacking off thinking about those wonderful tits.

I thought it would be weird between us after that day, but we never talked about it again and she never made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I always wanted to feel them and I still think about that day getting to see my first pair of real boobs that happened to be big and firm.

Over the years, while I've never been able to feel her up, she's taken a few opportunities at family gatherings during holidays to rub them up against me. Either hugging me from behind, or brushing them against my arm as she leans against me. My favorite is when she comes and sits in my lap to give me a hug or kiss.

She always gives me a knowing wink when she feels my cock stiffen under her bottom as those big tits rub against my chest.

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