Busty Story: Busty co-worker

from: Mike

This was a few years ago, I had just graduated college and was working in a small office.

There was a woman who worked there who had nice DD tits. She was married to a really big guy so nobody ever messed with her. She was in her early thirties, she had brown hair and eyes. She was pretty but not gorgeous. She did have an amazing body though.

One afternoon she asked me if I would take her home. Her car was torn up and her husband could not leave his work to get her. I agreed and at 5:30 we left in my car. She then asked me if I could stop at the mall so she could quickly pick up a few things. I agreed and it was the smartest thing I could have done. I said I'd wait in the car but she insisted I'd come with her.

We went into a department store and we gradually found our way into womens underwear. She picked out several bras and went to try them on. The store had very few customers and I sat with her purse on a chair outside the dressing room.

In a few minutes she came out with the bras in her hand and went to put them back on the rack. I could tell she had no bra on under her blouse as she picked out more bras to try on. When she walked back toward the dressing room I could easily see her boobs bouncing under her shirt. Her nipples were hard under the thin fabric.

She stopped and said "If these don't fit can you hang them back for me?"

"Yeah, no problem." I could feel my pulse in my ears and in my pants.

She went back inside the dressing room and a few minutes later called me to come there. She opened the dressing room door and I poked my head inside. She still had her skirt on but she was holding her blouse up to cover her chest. I could see in the mirror behind her she had on a bra and I could see the store tag hanging from it.

"I need to get a guys opinion on this. Now I'm not a pervert or coming on to you or anything like that, I trust you and you know I ammarried......" she paused.

"Don't worry about it, whatever you need I'll not say a word to anybody." I tried to conceal my excitement.

She looked at me with mixed feelings. Guilt, uncertainty and maybe a little bit of naughtiness. She knew what she was doing and she slowly began to lower the blouse from her bra covered tits. They looked huge. The bra pushed them up and gave her nice clevage.

The material was lacy and I could see her long nipples mashed down into her breasts. Best of all, the cups could not contain their load and the upper edge of her areolas was in plain view. They were red and I guessed the diameter of them had to be at least three inches.

"Well, what do you think of this one?" she asked.

"They are very nice...I mean it's nice." I stuttered.

"I'm not sure it fits to well. It feels okay but it doesn't cover everything up, I mean..." she looked down at her tits and with her fingers she rubbed over her exposed areolas. "Did you notice these were showing?"

"Well if it fits alright then who cares?" I really liked that bra!

"The point of underwear is so everything doesn't show" she stated very proper like "How much would have to show before my husband wouldn't let me wear it?"

"I don't know, you should ask him." I remembered just how big her hubby was and what could easily happen to me.

She put her fingers inside the cups and adjusted them to where all the top half of her areolas were exposed. "Do you think this would be okay with him?" she purred.

"I don't know" I said, I was hypnotized on her tits.

"Well how about you? Do you like this much showing?"

"Yeah, I love it." and I was hoping for more.

She cocked an eyebrow and put her right index finger into the left cup, "What about this?" she fished out her left nipple for me to see. It popped free of the bra and seemed to grow as I looked at it. It was blood red, long and as thick as my little finger. There was an obvious little milk hole on the tip of it.

"Now if your woman had nipples like this would you let her wear a bra that didn't keep them covered up?" she said it like this was a business meeting and this was all normal.

"I don't know if I would let her leave the house."

Without saying a word she pulled her other nipple free and took a step toward me. "They're not even completely hard yet and look how long they are." she lifted her boobs toward my face as if to make a point. Or two.

"Would you like to touch them?" she asked.

"I don't know, I probably shouldn't." I wanted to so bad I could not stand it.

"I asked if you wanted to, not if you should."

"Well of course I want to but...."

"Touch my tits. I want you to see how hard my nipples get, how BIG they are." she insisted.

I reached up and began to gently touch her erect nipples. I flicked them with my thumbs and did circles around her areolas.

"I won't break. Get a handfull of tits and rub them!"

I gave them a good hard squeeze and pinched her nipples hard. I pulled them and twisted. She watched my hands all over her tits, then she said "Okay stop."

I did not want to but I did. My dick was beyond hard.

"I just wanted you to see what I have to deal with." she cupped her tits and pulled her own nipples for me to look at again. They were indeed the longest I had, have or ever will see again. They were fantastic! I left the dressing room. I took her home. We worked together for two more years until she and her husband moved.

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