Busty Story: My Brother-in-law

from: AK

The day that changed my life forever began just like any other sunny, warm May morning. I saw my husband off to work after breakfast, did the usual household chores, had a shower and sat down to watch some daytime T.V. I reflected on what a happy lifestyle my husband, Neeraj, and I shared. I was 25 and he was 28. We have a nice house at Green Park, some good friends, no kids (yet) and enjoy all the benefits that his decent salary brings. He was in a very high position in a US based company.

I had a sexy figure. People felt it hard to remain unmoved after seeing me. Those included my elder brother-in-law Pankaj too.

The day he saw me for the first time he nudged his wife and whispered: "Perhaps I should not have married so early". "Shut up you are going to be her Respected Jethji!" "Hmmmm... she is so cute..Neeraj is a lucky chap" he whispered. She nudged him again. A few of those words succeeded in entering my ears. I became red with shame.

After that he spared no chance to touch and embrace me, even though such occasions were rare. After marriage when I went to touch his feet as newly wed brides do, he kissed my forehead a bit too long, sending shivers down my spine. Taking it to be a occasion of blessings he embraced me to his chest. It should have been very light but he pressed me to him. My huge boobs got pressed against his muscular chest. Even after marriage he used to get excited when I was around.

They live in Rohini area. He is running a software business with clients in many countries. I used to enjoy his attention when I was wearing something low cut or tight fitting. I usually wore shorts or a tight little mini skirts and high heels in the house as Neeraj wanted me to get some innocent exposure. Sometimes I even wore deep necked loose T shirts and slacks at home.

We had a nice relationship and used to meet almost on alternate days. We used to mingle with each other well and crack jokes with a double entendre. Pankaj's wife Ratna was also a very broad minded lady and often used to tease me linking me to Pankaj. But he didn't get a real chance to maul me before Holi, the festival of colors. On the first Holi I went to my parents, but on the second Holi I enjoyed the festival with my brother-in-law's family. We were rubbing colors on each other. Pankaj caught me when he found me alone and in the pretext of applying colors, inserted his hands inside my blouse.

His hands slid past my bra and caught both my boobs in his hands. He mauled them, squeezed the nipples. My body was pressed to his chest. I squirmed but he would not release me. He lowered his lips and touched mine.

I tried to escape from him by pretending his wife was behind him. He pulled his hands from my blouse and I ran away teasing him and showing my tongue. He didn't get another oppurtunity that day.

At another day Ratna mentioned that Pankaj was a good golf player. "Golf? I think that games looks very interesting and I would like to learn. I know just a little bit about how to play." I exclaimed. "After a bit of practise with you I can be a good player." "I shall teach you" said Pankaj. "Oh really?" "Yes, starting tomorrow!" he said. "Be ready in the morning!" I never thought him to take it so seriously.

I'm actually not very sporty but at least golf allows you to be awful and still enjoy a good walk. Besides, it gets so boring staying at home all day and Neeraj doesn't like me working, so this would be a nice break. Pankaj drove us a few miles to the golf course. He had the day off and I think he liked the idea of teaching his sister-in-law to learn playing the game he loves so much. I found a nice quiet stall away from the other golfers so that no one could see the terrible shots I hit. While Pankaj went to buy a bucket of practice balls. I started to swing the club to get my muscles loosened up.

Although I don't do a lot of sports I keep myself in shape by going to dance classes twice a week. Neeraj likes to take me out a lot in the evenings to show me off to the world as he puts it, so it's important that I keep myself in shape. Dancing helps me to keep my figure the way Neeraj likes women to be; tall, busty and leggy.

When Pankaj returned I took a pose beside the ball and looked up from my stance to see if Pankaj thought I did it correctly. I realized his focus was not exactly where I had expected it to be. To be more precise, he was staring directly at my ample cleavage. I admit that a tight fitting, low buttoned top and equally tight jeans may not be the most appropriate attire for the golf course but didn't feel it was out of place. My eyes still hadn't found his so I said "Excuse me, but are you going to help me today Pankaj or are you just going to stand there staring at my body?"

When eventually he looked up, his expression was not one of shame or embarrassment at mentally undressing the wife of his own younger brother, but of sheer, undisguised lust. I was not entirely surprised. I had seen that look on his face many times before. Even his wife Ratna caught him many times looking at me. I admit that I get excited when any man lusts over me, even my own brother-in-law. I can imagine what he'd like to do to me if he had me in his power.

Anyway, that's how I normally feel, but today I was angry. I was angry because I really wanted to concentrate on getting better at this stupid game. That's why I said it. That's why a fantasy turned into a reality. It just came out of my mouth before I even realised what I said.

"Look Pankaj, if you can get me to hit just one ball more than 150 yards, I'll take off my blouse and bra when we get home and you can have a really good look at them, O.K?". "You're just kidding me" he replied. "No, I'm not, it's a promise." I heard myself say. Well wouldn't you know it? All of a sudden I had my very own dedicated golf coach changing my grip, adjusting my stance, telling me to flex at the knees. Give a man the right incentive and he'll do anything. Equally unsurprising was that the next ball I hit sailed over the 150 yard marker before it even touched the ground. My fate was sealed.

It was hardly worth hitting the few remaining balls, we both had other things in our minds. Pankaj almost pushed me towards the car. He was making no attempt at any kind of decency. The drive back to my place was completed in a record ten minutes. All the time I could feel his eyes burning into me. He was about to see the wife of his own brother naked from the waist up, just as I had promised.

We entered through the front door and I locked it behind me. I certainly did not want Neeraj coming home early and catching us. Pankaj went straight into the lounge and shouted for me. "Not in here Pankaj! The neighbors might see. Let's go up to my bedroom." He followed close behind me up the stairs. I could almost feel his breath on my behind and still couldn't believe what I was about to do.

As we entered the bedroom I went over to the windows and pulled the curtains shut. I began to have doubts. What if Neeraj was to come home for some reason? Pankaj walked past me and picked up the bedside phone. Then I heard him say "Hi Neeraj, it's me Pankaj. We still on for that game this Sunday? Good, see you then brother" We both knew that it would take my husband at least 60 minutes to get home from his office even if he was to return home at that very moment. So there was now no backing out.

Pankaj put the light on saying that he wanted to get a really good look at them. Slowly my hands went to the bottom button of my blouse. I undid it. Then the next one and the next. Finally, just the top button remained, holding my blouse together. Then I stopped. I told Pankaj that I couldn't as I was feeling shy. He accused me of trying to break my promise. I told him that I wasn't worried about him seeing me topless but worried about how turned on I had suddenly become. In fact, I had just realized that the panties I was wearing under my jeans were soaking wet. I also suddenly became aware for the first time just how excited Pankaj was, and he was making no effort to hide the bulge that had appeared in his trousers.

I took a couple of steps towards him. Now I wanted him to see me naked. Teasingly, I undid that final button and slowly opened the blouse to reveal my nicely shaped cleavage in a white, lace trimmed bra. As I slipped the blouse from my shoulders I started to sway to the sexy music I could hear in my head. Pankaj was just staring at my body and I could swear he was salivating. I let my hands caress my tummy, slowly moving them up to the hook of the bra fastened at the back. I moved so that I was right in front of him, looked up to his eyes and said: "Pankaj, why don't you undo me?" I turned around so that my back faced him. He licked his lips with a lustful tongue. His hands came up to my bra clasp. He fumbled for a few seconds the way men do with these things, but at last he got it undone. I could feel his dick digging into my jeans. I ordered him to take the straps down from my shoulders. I felt his rough hands on my soft skin as he obeyed my command. Suddenly the bra fell to the floor and I was naked from the waist up.

I knew at this point that I wanted things to go even further. As a matter of fact I had never felt so randy. I began to wiggle my bottom against Pankaj's swelling and ever very slowly turned around to face him. I used my hands to try and cover as much of my breasts as possible but they were too big to hide everything. He told me to take my hands off. "Don't worry Pankaj", I began, "You can see as much of me as you like. I'll be a good little slut for you. See, I've kept my promise". Ever so slowly I moved my hands away. At the first sight of my nipples, Pankaj's bulge seemed to grow even bigger. I caressed my breasts and pushed them up.

I had him in my power and it was such a huge turn-on. I told him to give me his hands. He did so without ever taking his eyes from my heaving bosom. I held his palms up to my face and ran my tongue over them. This got his attention as I hoped it would.

"Rub my nipples" I commanded. I can still remember his hands touch my breasts for the first time and the effect now is the same as it was then. My nipples went so hard and big that they could be used for coat hooks and it was the first time I ever had an orgasm without a dick in me. I moaned loudly as my body convulsed in pleasure with Pankaj's hands mauling my tits till I thought they'd bruise. My knees buckled under me and I collapsed into Pankaj's arms. I expected him to hold me up but he placed his big hands on my shoulders and forced me to kneel on the floor with my body leaning against the wall and my legs under me. Roughly, he opened my mouth with two of his short, fat fingers and I knew what was coming next.

With his other hand he fumbled at his zipper. Eventually, he got it undone and out sprang his enormous member. It wasn't the longest I had ever seen but it certainly was the fattest. Without any concern for me he guided it straight into my open mouth. It was wet with pre cum and this helped me not to gag as he took hold of the side of my head and fucked me in the mouth. My head stopped banging against the wall as I became used to the length of his strokes. He was grunting as his glistening dick slipped easily in and out between my parted red lips. I wondered how long he had fantasized about doing this to his sister-in-law and before the day was to end this question was going to be answered. Just as I felt he was about to cum he pulled out of my mouth.

He took hold of my arm and threw me on my bed. He started to tug at the buttons of my jeans. He opened the buttons and zipper of the jeans and along with it pulled my panties away from my waist. I raised my hips to help him and before I knew it I was lying completely naked on the bed and Pankaj was hovering over me with desire in his crazed eyes. He took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs so that my knees were almost touching my face. My wet, swollen pussy lips were gazing up at him. Slowly and gently now, Pankaj bent down to my love box. At the first touch of his tongue my body racked with delight for a second time. As Pankaj's mouth explored my clit and delved inside my wet hole I writhed uncontrollably beneath him. As I came for the third time he moved his mouth away. "Beg your Pankaj to fuck you properly you little randy slut" he said. "I've been a good slut Pankaj, please.., please put your cock in me and fuck me till you cum" I meant it too. I'd never been so horny in all my life. The pleasures of forbidden fruit I guess. The same must have been true for Pankaj because he forced his manhood into me with such force that he almost lifted me off the bed. I doubted that Ratna ever got fucked the way he was fucking me now then. There was no love involved as he thrust his meat in and out of my tight little cunt.

He held my hands together above my head with one of his while his other one clasped my throat. I wasn't choking but there was no way that I could have gotten away even if I wanted to, which I didn't. "I've wanted to fuck you like this ever since I saw you for the first time when you tried to seduce me by showing these marvelous boobs. So now I'm giving you two years delayed fucking and you're going to be my own little fuck slave from now on." Well I was willing to do anything for him at that moment. When I told him this it drove him crazy with lust. He lowered his face and his big, fat lips drooled over mine as his tongue found its way into my mouth and began its exploration. I could taste his saliva but couldn't swallow because of the lock he had on my neck. Pankaj's thrusting became faster and deeper and I felt like his knob was going to touch my heart if he wasn't careful. I tried to scream as yet another orgasm racked through my body, but with his big mouth slobbering over me no noise came out. After fucking me for ages I felt Pankaj's body starting to tremble and I could see from the contorted expression on his face that he was seconds away from cumming.

He ordered me to open my mouth quickly and I obeyed. He wasn't in a mood to be argued with. At last he withdrew his dick and positioned it above my gaping mouth. I imagined how it looked to him. He had given his sister-in-law the fucking of her life and fulfilled his most secret fantasy and now he was balanced above her naked, glistening young body with his dick about to explode its juices into her inviting sweet mouth. The girl he had selected for his younger brother was about to swallow his semen.

Then with a groan of ecstasy it came. Not in a dribble, the way a man comes when sex is over quickly, but in a thick, forceful stream that indicates sex has been on a man's mind for a long time. The salty liquid hit the back of my throat like it had come from a hosepipe. Pankaj released his grip on my neck so that I could swallow it. There seemed to be gallons of the stuff, but I took it down almost as quickly as he could produce it. When Pankaj had squeezed the end of his knob so that the last few drops fell past my lips, only a small amount dribbled from the corners of my mouth.

I used my now free fingers to give his cokc one final grasp and pushed the cum from my lips onto my tongue. Then, slowly I licked them dry. He stood up and looked down upon his exhausted sister-in-law. "From now on, I'll take you whenever I want. You'll do what I say, wear what I want you to wear and fuck who I tell you to fuck. Do you understand?". "Yes" I replied "I'll always be your obedient little whore." With that, he wiped his cock on my discarded panties, threw them on my breasts and left.

That was a few years ago. Since then I've been his horny sextoy. I've done things that would disgust most people, but they make me so horny that I think I must be a depraved slut.

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