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20 December: Timid Sena Minami

Timid Sena Minami

A new Japanese clip with a fresh model, Sena Minami. Again a timid girl (on the outside) who slowly reveals her big ones and lets a guy play with them (that's were this clip stops, in the full movie Sena ends up using her breasts to make the guy cum).       

Medium sized boobies are big enough for you? Then Check out the very sweet blonde Alli Rae.     

20 December: Nikki Sequoia of Yes Boobs

Nikki Sequoia of Yes Boobs

Here's another model of Yes Boobs, Nikki Sequoia (a name that's very easy to mispell I hope I got it right). This ink loving curvy brunette wears a outfit (not sure if you even call it that way lol) that leaves little to your imagination :) Just like Sarah herself Nikki is camgirl for Streamate and so is top heavy teen Peyton Thomas. And an alt girl who will make the metal detector go crazy is Spanish Silvia Pink.  

19 December: Jenny McClain at Zishy

Jenny McClain at Zishy

Once she was a very regular guest on my site but Jenny McClain has been retired for quite a while now. But the guy of Zishy shot her a few years back when Jenny was in L.A., I am glad he deciced to share these pictures with the world cause damn she's looks fantastic flashing her big breasts wearing a raincoat :P Such a photogenic model she is (or was)... Jenny McClain in a raincoat at Zishy.  

19 December: Receptionist Sarah Rae

Receptionist Sarah Rae

Sarah Rae for the second time this week. First to introduce the site she operates and models for Yes Boobs and today in an excellent scene at XL-Girls. She is a perfect receptionist for their kind of company don't you think ? And Sarah also talks about her previous 'real' jobs and how men reacted on her huge pair. And don't forget that Sarah Rae does cam shows at Streamate very regularly.  

19 December: Arkida at Cosmid

Arkida at Cosmid

I have no confirmation but I don't believe Arilida aka Arkida is still around. But Cosmid had an unused shoot of this Czech girl in stock, that came out this week, in which she takes off her striped shirt and gives her big tits some rest on the chair. And did you know she also is on Czech Casting as Libuse.     

Mandy Dee presents her incredible perky pair again.  

18 December: Delorean of Gods Girls

Delorean of Gods Girls

Meet alternative redhead (not a real one but still) Delorean. A really nice looking woman that didn't appear on my radar untill this week, but already has been active at Godsgirls since 2011. The good thing about this late introduction is that this curly haired model has done lots of shoots so I could select my favourite: Delorean of Gods Girls as naughty librarian (profile says age 42 that must be a typo). 

18 December: A joy ride with Dillion

A joy ride with Dillion

Dillion Carter took a little break but now is back in business again and that's goods news for anyone who likes slender girls with big boobs (who doesn't?). As happens more often I like the part before the hardcore best. Dillion goes for ride on a quad with her boobies out of her bikini and the best thing is that there's little camera that captures the way they move from a great angle...  A joy ride with Dillion Carter

18 December: Katarina naughty Christmas

Katarina naughty Christmas

Let's do some warming up for Christmas (I always have trouble getting the mood myself) with a shoot of Katarina Angel for Pinup Files. Obviously made a while ago already as there no signs of her pregnancy to be seen. Talking about Katarina, pregnant and Xmas her knocked up hardcore scene is going to be released by Scoreland on the 26th of December (so mark it on your calendar).  

17 December: Relax with Rachel Williams

Relax with Rachel Williams

We go back to 'normal' size now :) I posted British brunette Rachel Williams one time before as a sexy secretary at Only Tease). It's great to find out she still active and not only that, she look so very beautiful. Not just her body and big breasts but also her smile. Enjoy her taking off her sweater and underwear... Relax with Rachel Williams by Hayley's Secrets.

17 December: Kaitlyn aka Itskaitiecali

Kaitlyn aka Itskaitiecali

Think about the face of Shae Summers in combination with the body of Lexxxi Luxe. Got that? Then you get a girl with the looks of Kaitlyn aka Itskaitiecali. This American girl carries around an unbelievable huge pair with her. Not sure what her motivation is to post pictures of herself. It's not money as she's only active at Tumblr and some other social media. Would love to see her end up as paid model some day.

17 December: Vassanta naked yoga

Vassanta naked yoga

No Vassanta won't get the gold medal for the best yoga session of the year, that one is going to Buffy. But I always liked this mature lady and her body alot. So I am happy to give her the silver medal for her flexible performance in this gallery.   

Cassandra is also a little older and also still looks stunning, as you can see in this retro style shoot.  

16 December: Busty friends on a swing

Busty friends on a swing

Luna Amor, one of my favourite newcomers of the year, returns at DDF Busty for a duo shoot with Lily Madison (the second time these two girls are together). Luna has her big tits out straight away and it doesn't take long before Lily follows her example... Luna and Lily have naked fun on a swing.  

Online as I type curvy British blonde Jackie Synn

16 December: Danielle fucks Ezra

Danielle fucks Ezra

There were times that I exactly knew the number of men Danielle had sex with (on camera that is). Those times are gone and I lost count. I am not even sure if she knows so herself. One of her latest bed partners is a guy named Ezra and these two have a good chemistry going... Danielle fucks Ezra (the other way around works too) part one and part two

16 December: Farmer Emilia Boshe

Farmer Emilia Boshe

This all fits together really together. As Emilia Boshe is the kind of woman I can actualle picture working on a farm. Not being the fragile type she's able to do hard work and the milk cans she carries around (the real ones) have a nice symbolic touch... Gallery

Connie Carter on the other hand I can't picture doing this, but hey she's better at doing other things

15 December: Sarah introduces Yes Boobs

Sarah introduces Yes Boobs

Huge chested Sarah Rae got in touch with me last week and informed me about her new project... Yes Boobs. A new site with not only feautures herself but also other girls with big boobs (natural!) like Cameron Skye, Nikki Sequoia (see clip below), Peyton Thomas and others. It all looks very promising and I am happy to give my support to it.... Sarah Rae introduces Yes Boobs.  

15 December: Redhead Nina licked

Redhead Nina licked

Don't me wrong Noelle Easton is still a nice girl. But I can't hide my disappointment over her loss in boobsize. Compare this shoot with Ryan Madison from a year ago and this one made recently.

Let's have a look at another rare girl from Homegrown Video. This time with a redhead named Nina who is having her pussy licked by her friend Zoey.  

15 December: Marta in the bedroom

Marta in the bedroom

There are some sources who claim that Marta E. and this Katerina of Czech Casting are one and the same girl. Although I do see similarities I don't think it's true. Most importantly the eye colour is different (and also Marta comes from Ukraine and not the Czech Repulbic). Anyway here's Marta stripping the bedroom. I do have a math for Zdena of Czech Casting, she is Kutty aka Cassie.  

14 December: 2014 the year in boobs 02

2014 the year in boobs 02

2014 the year in the big boobs continues with April, May and June. A girl who deserves to get a special mention is Emily Born. A model of Cosmid who came, saw and conquered and then... left us again (friends, relatives aren't always exactly supportive when it comes down posing topless or nude).  Another stunner is Eva Alegra from Italy. The reason why you have not seen more of her is that she got pregant, I hope she will be make a return some day.    

13 December: Suzana's sweater

Suzana's sweater

I am probably an a-typical porn consumer as I prefer softcore moments over wilder action but so be it. And this clip with Suzana Komiya is one right up my alley. I love how she looks in that sweater and I love how it looks when she lifts it up and makes her tasty big breasts visible. Suzana does looks very shy but she can't fool me, cause I saw before what she did with this nerdy boy.

13 December: Cameron Skye so nice

Cameron Skye so nice

Tills two days ago I wasn't even aware that Cameron Skye did such a thing, but somehow I ended up in her webcam chat at Streamate and she truely seems a friendly and sexy person. So I feel a little bit guilty about not giving this strawberry blonde enough attention. Some cathing up: I adore her natural looks at Naughty Mag and two hardcore scenes at Scoreland, 'Game To Fuck' and 'Shaved and Sexed'. 

12 December: Bouncing with Busty Buffy

Bouncing with Busty Buffy

Bouncing is the theme of this wonderul scene of Busty Buffy. As our beloved friend takes place on a bouncing ball. That screams for one thing: for Buffy to bounce herself :) And rest assure my fellow booblovers that is what Buffy does. First with her dress on and later topless., need I say more :P... Bouncing with Busty Buffy. Oh and at DDF she's the submissive prisoner of Kyra Hot (fake boobs). 

12 December: Joanna Bliss at XX-Cel

Joanna Bliss at XX-Cel

This clip of Joanna Bliss at XX-Cel has two parts (ofcourse the full movie is much longer). In the first part she looks delicious on the balcony with her jugs in a mesh shirt. In she second part Cel shows was a smart guy he is. He asks Joanna which one of her boobs is her favourite and then feels for himself. I can't recall a man doing that before, touching her boobs normally only is reserved for her girlfriends

12 December: Ashley at the pool

Ashley at the pool

Ashley is one of the finest models ever to appear at Femjoy (at that says something). And this shoot of this Germany beauty naked at the pool  has some of her best pictures ever. It was released early this year but that doesn't mean Ashley is still active, I guess they were taken around 2008/2009 when her big breasts were at their best (compare them with this 2011 shoot of Body in Mind, quite a difference huh?).  

11 December: Titania at the beach

Titania at the beach

Titania Lynn's previous shoots for Cosmid were great (like here stripping on the street) and I love her confidence (the benefit of getting older) and sex appeal. In this new shoot she's at the beach. Not a very tropical one and the weather isn't that good either. But that doesn't stop her from pretending it is.  

The huge chocolate brown hangers of Jinx, 01 02.   

11 December: Brooke Wylde shakes them

Brooke Wylde shakes them

That Brooke Wylde does all kind of dirty things in this new episode of Big Tits Round Asses isn't really a surprise given her reputation. My personal highlight happens prior that. When Brooke unzips her her purple vest and shakes and jiggles her boobs.  

Katrina Jade spices up a college party at Brazzers.  

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