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31 May: Karolina of Czech Casting

Karolina of Czech Casting

Oh wow Czech Casting does it again! This new girl named Karolina makes me feel very restless inside. I adore everything about her: the clothes she wears, her smile, her eyes, her curvy body and ofcourse her extraordinary big boobs. The best part of it all it's that she's not out of my league (a real woman so to speak), so I can fantasize about being with her.... Don't miss top heavy Karolina of Czech Casting. 

31 May: Misha Lowe hula hoop

Misha Lowe hula hoop

It's one of those weeks again were all kind of amazing content comes at the same time, so it will be quality of quantity. The first shoots of Misha Lowe were of the romantic type. That worked for me, romance with such a beauty is never a bad thing. However it's great to see some more action this time. Misha did several kind of fitness related activities and I selected pictures of her having fun with the hula hoop.  

30 May: Hitomi with Lily Madison

Hitomi with Lily Madison

The meeting 'East meets West' between Hitomi Tananka and Lily Madison already was announced. But that doesn't make it less amazing to see it actually happening A big 'thank you' goes out to Scoreland, for making legends meet, not only now but since the early 90's. It's not first time that Hitomi makes Europeans friends, who can forget this pricess shoot of her together with Sha Rizel and Valory Irene?   

30 May: Cam girl Una Bonbon

Cam girl Una Bonbon

I undersyand that not all of you are interested in webcam models. So I only make a main post about if it's newsworthy (Lillian Faye for example) or when there's some good content at their profile page. Like is the case with sensual girl from Moldova named Una Bonnon (got to love her large areolas).

Alena loving the outdoors life naled... Gallery.

30 May: More Amber Hahn

More Amber Hahn

The week start with more of Amber Hahn's shoot for FTV Girls. She's naked from the start with her long legs spread wide and her magic wand vibrator ready to use. Our job is an easy one.. Watching her,  And I also have a clip for you with footage of the public nudity she did and got in her into trouble. Turns out that it were construction workers (thigns aren't as they used to be) who called the cops.    

29 May: Divine Breasts special

Divine Breasts special

The site Divine Breasts has been online since the early days of my boobs blogging. So it's about time I decicate a special to it. The people running it have a deep love for breasts of the extra large category and also for straight forward 'n natural way of portraying them. So if you're a fan of the housewive type with heavy pairs, this is a great destination for you. 

28 May: Ran and an old man

Ran and an old man

There's hope for us all. This man may be old his appetite for big tits is a lively as any of us. So he can't take his eyes off the chest of Ran Niiyama who's task it is help with the household chores. Then she decides to give him one the best days of his life. Be careful Ran he might die of a heart attack :) 

I love the looks of cam girl BlueAngell.   

28 May: Tourist Tigglie Bitties

Tourist Tigglie Bitties

These pictures of Tiggle Bitties as a busty tourist don't show any nudity, still there are many reasons to like them. I feel these wonderful candid shots, more than any of the studio shoots of Scoreland, reflect her true happy 'n nerdy personality. I can actually picture myself seeing a girl a like her and wonder how her big boobs would look like... Tiggle Bitties as tourist in South Beach, Miami.  

27 May: Katrina goes for a jog

Katrina goes for a jog

Wow look at that milf going for a jog! And it's not just A milf it's the one and only Katrina, now I understand why she's in such good shape. During her run she also lifts her top with some glorious bouncing as the result. And if that isn't enough, back home her lover is waiting and together they burn some more calories... Katrina at Big Tits Round Asses.  

27 May: Ross lotions her tits

Ross lotions her tits

Sure Kim is the flagship model of Downblouse Loving with any doubt. But during the years I have discovered more nice British girl so I regularly check the site for new talent. Here's one I never saw before Ross, she lotions her big breasts while talking her (imaginary) boyfriend, which is a pleasure to watch.

The very curvy Sweetheart Mia is waiting for you.

27 May: Viola works out

Viola works out

I have two times Viola for you, never a bad thing right? In the first one she's getting clean in the bathroom with her girlfriend (one of many) Zafira before they lick each other's pussy. The other one is probably my favourite cause I can't recall seeing her work out before. And Viola wouldn't be Viola when her big tits would not be the center of the action going on... Gallery.  

26 May: Suzie and Krystal Swift

Suzie and Krystal Swift

Not a week goes by without Suzie Sun giving us something new. You never know for how long, predicting the career of girl like her is hard so we better enjoy it while lasts. In this new scene Suzie not only has sex, it's a threesome with the well known Krystal Swift. Worse things can happen to man :) Suzie and Krystal Swift naughty at DDF Busty. 

26 May: Sophie Musard

Sophie Musard

Don't ask me why but somehow most of my favourite vintage porn comes from Germany. Recently I showed you this sauna movie and another one I have fond memoiries of is this sex scene with a lady named Sophie Musard. She was active between 1983-1985 so her hair cut may be outdated, those mindblowing big boobs sure are not. And here are some pictures as a bonus, 01 02.  

26 May: Jinx of Divine Breasts

Jinx of Divine Breasts

Last year I showed you the enormous (M-sized!) ebony tits of Jinx at Yes Boobs. Later I found out she modelled several times for Divine Breasts aswell. With this week being the week of he discovery of another huge black plair (hello Rachel!) it seemed like a good moment to show you more of Jinx aswell.  Can't get enough of her? She does cam shows too. 

25 May: Gillian Barnes returns

Gillian Barnes returns

Almost four months have passed sinced Gillian Barnes made her appearance at Zishy for the first time. A long time indeed but a freckled cutie like her is well worth the wait. So enjoy her lifting up her black top and showing those perky boobies of hers for the second time... Gillian Barnes returns at Zishy. 

A Tumblr amateur with a really good pair. 

25 May: Boss Lena Paul

Boss Lena Paul

Who also dressed to impress is our new friend Lena Paul. Wearing her sexy, tight but at the same time classy outfit she's simply simply irresistible. The guy working for fully agree and he can't stop staring at big breasts. Does Lena feel intimidted by his behaviour? Not all, the bastard get's rewarded for it!

This picnic with Nekane ends like you expect it to.  

25 May: Demmy Blaze and Alyssa

Demmy Blaze and Alyssa

Here's more of webcam model gone professional Demmy Blaze. Wearing a seductive red outfit she's certainly dressed to impress and she also undresses to impress. A sweet face and all the right curves on right places... Demmy Blaze reveals her big boobs.  

Taking about cam girls. Alyssa of FTV Girls is active at MyFreeCams (look for AlysaHamilton).   

24 May: Amber Hahn at FTV Girls

Amber Hahn at FTV Girls

Although I never gave Amber Hanh much coverage here. You sitll probably know her as she has a personal website for a few years. Now this slender American brunette appears at FTV Girls, looking very good in tight dress outdoors with no underwear. During this shoot people called the cops and they cuffed poor Amber and questioned her (yes it's a sad world). .. Amber Hahn at FTV Girls

24 May: Wendy, Kora and Terry Nova

Wendy, Kora and Terry Nova

Technically speaking I don't think this one counts as lesbian. The girls are naked together on bed and do touch each other but the masturbation is done solo. Yes it's an old scene I showed you the pictures already in 2011. But I found this nice clip and figured it was worth a second run. All 3 of them are, as far as I know, no longer active. In case you're new it the world of big boobs, they are: Wendy, Kora and Terry.

24 May: Mila of Eternal Desire

Mila of Eternal Desire

It's quite a change going from huge chested Rachel to petite beauty Mila. But she's remarkanle in our own way aswell, just look how skinny this girl is, makes you wonder how breasts would look like if she started to eat more. We met her before at Watch4Beauty and Hegre Art, this time the shoot if of Eternal Desire (a guarantee for quality,  remember the fantastatic shoot of Sha Rizel there.. 01 02 03 04?).  

23 May: Rachel Raxx is only 18!

Rachel Raxx is only 18!

The dress, make-up, ink on her body and foremostly her huge ebony boobs make this newcomer from Georgia look older. In reality Rachel Raxx is only 18 year old! couldn't believe that myself at first, such an enormous pair of naturals on such a young girl is not very common. Make sure to check out the trailer aswell, she has a very sweet voice (amongst other things)... Meet Rachel Raxx of Scoreland.  

23 May: August and Brooke Wylde

August and Brooke Wylde

I just added two more entries in the lesbian special (the first one). One that I initially overlooked but deserves to be there without a doubt: the rare black and white meeting between Dana and DeeDee. The other scene I found this morning, famous pornstars August Ames and Brooke Wylde go from the lockerroom to the privacy of an apartment... Clip.  

23 May: Hiking with Julia

Hiking with Julia

Put on your walking shoes cause we're going to acompany redhead Julia on a hiking trip. No don't complain and be lazy, trust  me you will be rewarded already on the firs resting place, down at the creek. You know what I like about this shoot much (apart from the obvious)? I can actually picture Julia going for a hike dressed like that.  

22 May: More busty lesbians

More busty lesbians

Last week I presented you the updated busty lesbians special. That one had galleries and clips where all the girl participating in the pleasure were busty. Since that means some really good content isn't availale there I made another lesbian special where 'only' of the two has big boobs (or has fake boobs).  

Rebellious redhead Willow Rose is live as I type.

21 May: Relax with Anri Sugihara

Relax with Anri Sugihara

The internet gives us so much. On the other hand it can also make you feel restless. There's always a link to click, an email to answer, I am sure you know the feeling. So here's a clip that will help you relax, Japanese gravure idol Anri Sugihara takes things slow, very slow and there's some beautiful piano music to enjoy at the same time. Try don't skip forward, or click anyhing, take it easy for a change! 

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