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Some offline duties are sucking up my time unfortunately. That's why I am only able to make two posts daily for the coming two weeks. Thanks for understanding. 

29 April: Stacey sweater magic

Stacey sweater magic

The ultimate moment in sweater history remains this shoot of Hailie aka Chelsea but I got to give Stacey Poole credit for coming close, very close. These pictures made by Only Tease are more polished but still are damn good and also a proof the firmness of her breasts, as Stacey doesn't wear a bra. And for the ones who don't care much about clothes I added a few topless shots aswell.. Stacey Poole's sweater. 

29 April: Essie Halladay in stockings

Essie Halladay in stockings

Essie Halladay is one of those girls that is exclusive at Zishy sofar. It would be great to see her expanding her territory (FTV Girls seems like a good candidate) but you never can be sure with softcore models like her. I do have some very sexy pictures of her that I never posted before of Essie topless in stockings

Webcam suggestions: Beauty Jo and NightFire,  

28 April: Sabrina Nichole showers

Sabrina Nichole showers

Sabrina Nichole from Dallas made her debut exactly a year ago at Playboy. Now a year later she did some more shoots, with a new haircut. Bt that's not all that changed, more importantly... it looks have her big breasts have grown. And you have all the time you need to examine them closely as Sabrina is naked in the shower and doesn't mind us watching!   

28 April: Guess the (perfect) tits

Guess the (perfect) tits

Wait a minute don't click on these perfect tits right away, I want to see if you paid good attention throughout the years and know who the owner is. I am sure her true fans will have no trouble recognizing her. But some hints nevertheless: she's a  regular guest for a long time, she's from the UK and this poor girl often has to clean... Answer is here.

27 April: Codi Vore wet shirt

Codi Vore wet shirt

If there's one girl that makes my dirt mind work on full speed it's Codi Vore. This young blonde is innocent, sweet, naughty and wild all together at the same time and judging from her expression she enjoys the effect she has on men. I only have one word for the way her braless big tits look in this wet shirt shoot... Epic! :P Codi Vore in a wet white shirt. 

27 April: Ivana and Neuroptera

Ivana and Neuroptera

The following two galleries represent the two ends of the spectrum of the type I content I share with you. The first one has the huge boobs of Ivana Gita who has naked fun with a dildo and oils herself up at XX-Cel. The second one has the tiny Neuroptera who strips outside the house at Cosmid.

Sweet Sheniqua from Romania is waiting for you.  

26 April: Alice Brookes of Spinchix

Alice Brookes of Spinchix

Yes I just wrote about only doing 2 posts for a few weeks, but I had find some extra time today :) So Jamie of Cosmid is really serious about giving her modelling career a boost. I already showed you some previews of her work at Only Tease (more of that soon). And here she's glammed up at Spin Chix (with an extra s at the end of her last name) where she takes off her bra in front of the mirror.  

26 April: Rain Summers at Titty Attack

Rain Summers at Titty Attack

You may remember Rain Summer from the scenes she did at Big Naturals a few months ago. I am happy to report that her career continues (with a new hair colour) only dressed in an apron in the kitchen of Titty Attack. Baking cookies is not the only thing she does, a wild sex session is the main course... Clip.  

Ryan Smiles curvier than ever before at Mofos.   

26 April: Showering with Jane

Showering with Jane

My friendship with Sensual Jane comes with a price. I promised to plug her personal website at least once a month (a small favour, I am more than happy to do that). So with the month almost over I selected a bunch of great pictures of Jane taking a shower (and her boobs also touch the glass of the cabin). 

Mature and chesty cam model Eilzabeth Grace

25 April: Alexsis Faye housewife

Alexsis Faye housewife

So much good things going on in new shoot of Alexsis Faye for MyBoobs as a sexy housewife. The outfit this curvy redhead wears, a revealing maid uniform is one. Ioning with one of her big boobs out of top is another. And the icing on the cake is the moment she presses her juicy naturals on glass! The door to my home is always open for you Alexsis, I could use a hand :) Nikki is in a maid mood aswell. 

25 April: Jade Days plays pool

Jade Days plays pool

It looks like Jade Days likes to play games. The first time we met her was at a bowling alley and on this second date she invites us to play a game of pool. Well Jade has the exact same tactic to win as all the previous busty women we played with. Yes that's right distracting us with her big tits. Well we don't mind get distracted and we don't mind losing the game when it's done in such a friendly way, do we?

24 April: Japanese bathrooms

Japanese bathrooms

Busty Japanese women have played an important role at my site (on Saturday in particular) for many years. Many of my favourite moments with them took place in the bathroom. Sure the bathroom already was a subject of many specials, but still I figured it was a good a idea to dedicate a seperate to Japanese bathrooms, and seeing them gathered on page looks in opinion very impressive :P  

23 April: Antonella jiggles them

Antonella jiggles them

Come on guy let's follow Antonella Kahllo on her way up on the stairs and I am sure she doesn't mind us staring at her behind in tight jeans. But the real entertainment follows later when this friendly Latina whips her big boobs out of her top and jiggles them.

Good ones on webcam: HotSexxyJenny, Ann Sulu, BabbyLarra and Tasty Sparkle.  

23 April: Jaye's amazing sweater

Jaye's amazing sweater

Oh boy this is good one! I've been a big fan of redhead Jaye Rose from the first moment I saw her. And you know I feel the same way about sweaters. So when these two are combined it's a guarantee for a great shoot. Ofcourse I should give credits  to the photograhper, who did an excellent job aswell. Especially picture number 5, with her nipple poking through the hole is priceless... Gallery.  

22 April: Ella Jones a farewell?

Ella Jones a farewell?

You never know for sure but it looks like Ella Jones has stopped modelling already. As after her initial shoots for Karups nothing new is released. Being a nude model isn't easy these days, many girls can't handle the pressure from friends and family. Not saying this is the case with Ella but it's a likely scenario. So let's have a one last good at her firm big boobs (with inverted nipples) and thank her for her brief but impressive career... Gallery.   

22 April: Alexya's corset

Alexya's corset

I've crowned Alexya as the queen of cleavage several times before. And she lives up to her status with fabolous new shoot. Ok I admit she's does get little help from that corset, but still what a killer view it is :P And yes you all also get her pair in all their natural glory... Alexya in and out a corset

Live as I type: sweet 'm busty blonde Alisena. 

21 April: In Kelly's kitchen

In Kelly's kitchen

Kelly Madison: " It's always a perfect day to be a slutty housewife and do some baking in the kitchen. I love to cook for man. Nothing is more enjoyable than preparing something that he's going to enjoy. I especially like baking him his favorite goodies. I have a little sweet tooth myself. It's great how a little icing on a cupcake can get me so wet..." - Things get messy and wild in Kelly Madison's kitchen. 

21 April: Darcie & August massage

Darcie & August massage

From all the flings Darcie Dolce had with other girls (quite a lot) I like the one with August Ames best. Cause what's better than one busty lesbian? That's right two them! Here at All Girl Massage the two are united again (I am sure you have no problems ignoring the Xmas tree). And the same site is April O'Neil is getting a massage by Jenna Sativa... Clip

21 April: Pinup Stacey Poole

Pinup Stacey Poole

The most difficult part of this post is writing about it. I mean you all know Stacey Poole (unless you just turned 18 ofcourse lol). So yes she does looks good and has beautiful big breasts but that's nothing new. And there also isn't much action going on to mention, or a special outfit or are anything happening in the surrounding. LIke I said a difficult task... Gallery.  

20 April: In bed with Misha Lowe

In bed with Misha Lowe

If the first shoot of Misha Lowe didn't fully convince you, this one should do the trick. As she does pretty much everything right here taking off her nightwear in the bedroom. Stunning poses, a smile to die for, natural looks and ofcourse her naked body with a wonderful pair of big boobs. She has this vitage playmate look from a long time ago (twenties, thirties) that takes my breath away... In bed with Misha Lowe.

20 April: Classy Krystal Swift

Classy Krystal Swift

It looks like Krystal Swift just came home from a party. Cause she looks very classy (and sexy) in a shiny dress, wearing a pearl necklace and with her hair styled. She came home in a good mood too, our should I say horny mood? First she slowly releases her big tits and later we find out that she also brought a guy with her home. Not to drink coffee ofcoure, you should know Krystal better than that... Clip.  

20 April: Claudia Dart of My Boobs

Claudia Dart of My Boobs

Yes we have same serious cathing up to do with MyBoobs. The shows goes one with a lady I really like: natural looks, glasses and heavy hangers. It's hard to guess her age and there's nothing written in her biography, somewhere in her late 20's maybe? Claudia Dart of MyBoobs strips in the kitchen

Anastasia Lux toys her pussy at DDF Busty

19 April: Holly Blue of Yes Boobs

Holly Blue of Yes Boobs

This new girl isn't that busty, at least for the standards of Yes Boobs. But who can turn down a natural girl next door with perky boobies? So I hope you all give Holly Blue a warm welcome and please forgive her for forgetting to wear panties :) 

Top heavy alternative nerd Diana Blake is doing webcam shows almost daily.  

19 April: Samantha Lily hula hoop

Samantha Lily hula hoop

Good news for the fans of Samantha Lily (most of you I suppose) as our Russian friend recently started her own personal website. It looks good with lots of candid style content. I also have a short but very interesting clip for you of Samantha doing a hula hoop work out (those things are popular the says). Another model you know, Roxanne Miller, also has opened her own website, named Erotic Roxanne.  

19 April: Noelle naked outdoors

Noelle naked outdoors

Can you miss a model that is still active? The answer is yes. I really miss the old, not slimmed down, Noelle Easton. She actually looks quite nice (the glasses do help) in this office adventure at Babes but compared to the way she looked back in 2013 it's a let down. That's why I made this gallery of an old shoot at ATK where she gets naked outdoors. Now That's how I like my Noelle to be and I think you'll agree.

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