Busty Story: My boss Marsha

from: Fish Stixx

When I was in college I worked as a cook at this place a few miles off campus. It was a pretty cool job because it was mostly college students and a few older people. The manager just fired the assistant manager for missing too many days and they hired someone new the weekend I decided to go back home for a couple days. When I went to back to work that week, my buddy was telling me about the new assistant manager and how much of a bitch she was to everyone. He told me that about the only good thing about her were her tits.

I was kinda curious to see her now that he brought that up, so when she arrived for the lunch rush I had to check her out. I went out to the pop dispenser to get something to drink and the new manager Marsha was ripping into one of the waitresses. She stopped for a moment and asked who I was and I briefly introduced herself. I grabbed a coke and went back to the kitchen before the orders backed up. After lunch, Marsha came into the back and complimented me on handling the lunch rush. I bet she was in her late 20's and average looking, short dark hair,maybe 5'5" and 130 pounds. We talked a for a few minutes and then I left for the day to hit happy hour with my buds.

Over the next few weeks Marsha seemed to find something wrong with everyone except me. I didn't want people to think I was an asskisser so I didn't go out of my way to be nice to her. This one friday night was really busy and we got slammed with people after the football game. It was my turn to stay late and finish clean-up so my friends told me to meet them at a party later. I cleaned the kitchen and then helped the waitresses bring stuff to the dishwashers so we could leave sooner. As I was putting my coat on to leave Marsha asked me to join her for a beer. My friends had left and I thought to myself having one to be polite wasn't going to be a problem and I could go to the party after. Marsha and I walked to our cars and I asked her what bar she wanted to go to. She told me to jump in her car and she would drive.

Once we were in the car I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she had beer at her appartment. Since it was just us I thought nobody from work would know so I went along. When we got to her apartment she turned on a few lights and headed to the kitchen for beers. I sat down in a chair thinking that was safer then the couch. Marsha brought out some imported beers and we sat and drank for about 30 minutes. She seemed like a different person than at work but that could have been the beer.

We started exchanging personal information and I caught myself glancing at her tits now and again. A few times she busted me but she kept talking like it was no big deal. After 3 beers each she mentioned how much her back hurt from lifting trays at work. She joked that she would go get the next round from the fridge for a backrub. I told her it was a deal and she jumped up for the beers.

When she came back she sat down on the floor in front of my chair and I started on her shoulders. She asked me to stop for a moment while she pulled her black tie out of the collar of her white shirt. She threw the tie on the table and then leaned back again. Well, as I started rubbing her shoulders I noticed when I moved my hands forward, it pushed her shirt forward just enough so I could see her cleavage down her shirt. I couldn't believe how much cleavage she had with her bra on.

After 10 minutes of this she asked if I minded if she got comfortable and I nodded for her to go ahead. Marsha untucked her shirt and undid 2 more buttons to unsnap her bra from the front. She sighed and told me to go ahead. As I resumed her shoulder and neck rub, I could clearly see down her shirt at the massive melons hanging free. The bra cups had fallen to the side leaving me a perfect downblouse. I went back to rubbing her shoulders and then moved to her neck inside the shirt. This allowed me to see even more of her tits. Finally she asked me if I was looking down her shirt and I told her it couldn't be helped considering how many buttons were undone.

Marsha asked if she could lay down while I rubbed her back so I said sure and she told me to follow her. We went to her bedroom and she lit some candles and I knew this was going somewhere. She walked over to the bed and took her shirt off and laid down before I had a chance to see her tits. I climbed on top of her and resumed rubbing her bare back except now her big tits were squishing out to the side. I worked my way around to rubbing under her arms and the eventually the sides of her huge melons. They were atleast a DD cup if not more.

Marsha liked the fact I was massaging the sides of her breasts and informed me it was time to do the front. As she rolled over I was amazed at how big these things were. The fell slightly to the side of her chest and her nipples were about the diameter of a golf ball. I pushed and prodded them all over her chest and she just kept smiling and asking if I was having fun. At one point I pushed one of her big tits into her face and she licked her own nipple.

She knew I liked this and sucked her own tits for a little while before asking me to strip. She sucked me for a few minutes and then told me she wanted to get fucked. It was great the way her tits bounced up and down when she rode me. After we fucked, I spent the night and I remember snuggling up to those biggies with my face.

I titfucked her in the shower the next morning before going to work where we pretended nothing happened.

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