Big Boobs Alert

Rare models from Scoreland: Jessica Justice, Devon Daniels, Rhonda Baxters and others

No other site dedicated to big boobs has been online as long as Scoreland. Which means their archives are huge and perfect for browsing around looking for rare models from the past. That's what I did many times already and now I present you my favourite finds in this compilation. Most of them are from over a decade ago but still fresh as they ever were!
Louise Leeds
1987: Louise Leeds
Lisa Phillips
1989: Lisa Phillips
Tracy West
1990: Tracy West
Virginia Felsom
1990: Virginia Felsom
Jeannine Oldfield
1991: Jeannine Oldfield
Alexis Love
1993: Alexis Love
Tabatha Towers
1994: Tabatha Towers
Faith Stevens
1997: Faith Stevens
Devon Daniels
1998: Devon Daniels
Carrie Lynn
1998: Carrie Lynn
1998: Lucia
1998: Teresa
Rhonda Baxter
1999: Rhonda Baxter
Dawn Phoenix
1999: Dawn Phoenix
Zoe Samms
2000: Zoe Samms
Jessica Justice
2000: Jessica Justice
Babes of Mammary Lane
2000: Mammary Lane
Via Paxton
2000: Via Paxton
Kassie Waters
2001: Kassie Waters
2001: Mariana
Diane Poppos
2002: Diane Poppos
Mary Louise
2002: Mary Louise
Mariah Lynn
2002: Mariah Lynn
2003: Blondie