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31 July: Boobs on Boats

Boobs on Boats

Let's face the reality we are not all George Clooneys so it's not always easy to get the woman you want. My advice is to buy a boat cause they appear to be true babe magnets. And once they are on it the women become really 'loose' and that was the idea in the first place wasn't it ? :P

Busty Special:  Boobs on Boats

31 July: Rhonda Baxter

Rhonda Baxter

The archetype of an all natural busty housewife is without a doubt Rhonda Baxter from the nineties. This rare but very popular lady is coming from Ohio and those big boobs of her still drive me crazy so many years later. Who needs a supermodel when you have a woman like this! And in case you interested also Scoreland has still lots of content from her Rhonda.

30 July: Rui and her lucky lover

Rui and her lucky lover

Judging by her smile Rui Akikawa seems really happy with her big tits and she's has every reason to cause most Japanese women are not as blessed with their chest :) But Rui is not the only who's lucky, so is here boyfriend or lover. Imagine playing with her all weekend long, I bet many guys would sell their mother for a chance like that. Not me ofcourse :) (my mother might be reading this lol).           

30 July: Chikita at Pinup Files

Chikita at Pinup Files

Slender blonde Chikita is a popular model that has worked for many sites but never for Pinup Files.  Untill know that is cause her she's sexy and naked in black high heels in the library. It may sound strange but Chikita is 'too perfect' for my personal taste hence why I don't post her that often. So let me do some cathing up: with Raylene, with Jaquetta, early in the morning at Breathtakers and toying her pussy at Stunners.

29 July: Fishing with Lillian Faye

Fishing with Lillian Faye

Skinny girls with big boobs we all admire these freaks of nature don't we ? One of the very best is the rare Lillian Faye. I recently found out that she some great footage at Scorevideos which I never saw before. Like this clip where she goes fishing. This is a thing I never did myself but I am happy to give it a try with Lillian as my personal instructor :) And Susann isn't bad fishing company either!

29 July: Tasty Trixie in green

Tasty Trixie in green

I've said it before and say it again Tasty Trixie is one my favourite mature women. And she understands how to make great 'at home' content. The night gown gallery a few weeks ago was really good and so is this one where Trixe lifts up her green sweater and plays with her pussy on the floor... Gallery

And more busty in green galleries for you.

28 July: Ashleigh Elizabeth

Ashleigh Elizabeth

It's really a shame that Asleigh Elizabeth (born 1990) only did two shoots for Playboy and never appeared anywhere else. She could have become really popular, just check her out here as farm girl and you'll understand what I mean :P My god what an incredible sweetie and that smile of her makes my heart melt.... Ashleigh Elizabeth of Playboy. So what do you say does Ashleigh counts as another Ashley

28 July: Cheap blowjob

Cheap blowjob

Putting a paper bag on her head with 'cheap blowjob' and 'insert here' written on it. That's no way to treat a sweet lady like Ellen! If I was her manager I would not have let that happen. If was her manager I would keep her to myself and let nobody touch her :) Gallery

Talking about blowjobs Shelby Moon's sucking skills are impressive and Kelly is an expert aswell.

27 July: Edda with a necklace

Edda with a necklace

If I remeber correctly this isn't the first time that Edda is wearing a necklace between her big tits. And that and a pair of orange socks is all she wears here in this shoot for Femjoy. I can't blame her if I had a body like that I would walk around naked all the time aswell :)    

Mandy Dee another spectaculuar busty blonde  gets very wet but not in the way we're used to :)

27 July: Anjilis shakes them

Anjilis shakes them

I have to laugh how my mind works. When watching this clip of Anjelica Anjilis the song (which I don't even like) started playing in my head 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard'. In this case it should ofcourse be 'my boob shake brings all the boys to the yard'. Btw the music in this clip did trigger another memory the one about  my beloved Commodore 64 (my first love, big boobs came later lol).  

26 July: Kelly Andrews locker room

Kelly Andrews locker room

Changing together with the beautiful Kelly Andrews in the locker room now that would be something! She's dressed very sexy in short denim shorts and a low cut white top. And to make things even better Kelly gives us a peek at her suckable big breasts aswell.   

Previously in the locker room: Terri Jane, Sharday and the wildest one of them all Halley Cummings.

26 July: Venera on the balcony

Venera on the balcony

It's no wonder that models love to work for Scoreland cause no other site flies their models to all these exotic locations. But a stunning lady like Sexy Venera only deserves the best. And she says thank you in her own special way, by letting her big boobs bust out of her top on the balcony. My god what a pair is this :P

Boobs on boat featuring Aneta and Kora.

25 July: Kali West strips in class

Kali West strips in class

This it without a doubt on my mind my favourite shoot of Kali West ever. Seriouly I am glad I am not her teacher cause that would get me in all sorts of troubles :P Just watch to those torpedo shaped big tits come out of her shirt and you'll understand what I mean. I say give that girl an A+ she deserves it... Kali West as a stripping school girl. And don't forget to check out the Class of 2011 every now and then.

25 July: Samantha posing topless

Samantha posing topless

Back in may this year I showed you pictures of the British tourist Samantha who was kind enough to pose topless for the site U Got It Flaunt It on her summer holiday.  Well I had a movie of her shoot for a while already which I saved it for a rainy day, which is today... Clip. My favourite part is almost at the end when Samantha laughs and her big breasts laugh along with her, yes details like that make me happy.

24 July: Putalocura porn from Spain

Putalocura porn from Spain

It was in April 2009 that I first found out about the Spanish porn site Putalocura at that time because of Miriam. Later I discovered more legendary Spanish big boobs there like the ones of Eli and Sandra Milka. Putalocura is a paradise for (busty) hardcore lovers. For example both Shione Cooper and Katerina Hartlova have done bukkake's scenes for it. They are bit 'too much' for my taste but still it's remarkable content.

24 July: Libby of Cosmid

Libby of Cosmid

I have nother choice than to 'blame' Jessie Minx and Paige that I overlooked Tibby Muldoon arriving at Cosmid this month (it can be right ?). Anyway for some reason they changed her name into Libby. But I immediately recognized her by her smile which one of the sweetest I know. Let's watch her taking off her clothes and expose her big breasts... Libby of Cosmid

23 July: Neiro a nurse from Japan

Neiro a nurse from Japan

I always knew big tits had a healing effect on a person and I am glad I can finally present you the proof :) The patient in this Japanese hospital magically arises once the doctor introduces him to his nurse Neiro. And when he and the doctor are all done playing with her he's suddenly completely cured! Watch and learn you busty nurses from all over the world and be like modern Florence Nightingale's. 

23 July: Charley Green

Charley Green

The fact that Charley Green is blonde here and no brunette tells me this shoot at Only Tease isn't recent. But who cares ? It's new to me and Charley looks very sexy stripping out of her business outfit untill only her white stockings are left. Did you know that she has close friendship with Brooke Little who even guided her into modelling ? They also have posed together at Boobstudy and more recently at APD Nudes.

22 July: Redhead at College Rules

Redhead at College Rules

Back with more busty college fun. Let me give you storyline real quick. Guys go on a panty raid, girls catch them in the act, guys and girls starting having sex with each other. The highlight of this episode is the busty redhead. She flashes her tanlined boobs, gives a guy a blowjob and messes around with the other girls...

College Rules Panty Raid

22 July: Simple but perfect

Simple but perfect

Simple things can be the best things in life. Here's Kim of Downblouse Loving doing nothing more than reading a magazine. Boring ? I don't think so! Cause her divine big breasts have slipped out of her top. This clip only lasts for only a minute but I could watch her for hours in a row and still be entertained. I have only one word for it... fucking perfection! (that are actually two but you'll understand the point). 

21 July: Rosie Jaye new website

Rosie Jaye new website

Redhead Jaye Rose is one of my favourite new models. So it's really good news that she just got her personal website where's she named Rosie Jaye. For there comes this set where Rosie takes off her shirt and panties in the bathroom. From what I read on her site Rosie comes from Wales which is also the home country of the legendary Lorna Moran.   

21 July: Anya on a bike

Anya on a bike

The Tour de France is having it's climax these days. But another interesting cycling event took place in Ukraine. Cause there Anya did a great shoot naked on a bike (picture number 8 oh my god).  She should go for a ride together with Kelly Madison some day.

Remember the natural beauty named  Haliee Rain ? She also posed for Playboy as Kristen Pyles

21 July: Bouncy Kate Upton

Bouncy Kate Upton

Kate Upton is a 19 years old blonde bikini model. Why should you care ? Cause unlike most fashion models Kate is busty. You have to check out this clip of her parading on the catwalk  during some beachwear show.  Her boobs are jiggling and bouncing all over the place, now is that amazing footage or what ?  I bet this got you in the mood for more boucing boobs :)

20 July: Paige of Busty Britain

Paige of Busty Britain

May I have a warm welcome for redhead Paige of Busty Britain. She's obviously a bit shy but that's understandable as showing your big boobs in front of the camera for the first time is a big step for amateur girls like her. Maybe that's the reason that Paige doesn't really gives us a full smile but that can also be because of her braces. But don't you worry Paige I like you and your curvy body alot and I am sure I also speak on behalf of my boobloving friends.    

20 July: Robyn Alexandra

Robyn Alexandra

It's always a pleasure to have look at the torpedo shaped big breasts of Robyn Alexandra. Let's see what she has been up to lately. Getting rid of her shiny dress at Brooke Lee's Playmates. Being a tease while taking off her bra in this clip. But we all know she is not really shy like she proofs here. And I also spotted her at the site Wank It Now (this is not my personal advice for you don't let me be misunderstood here lol).

20 July: Meet the manager

Meet the manager

It's not even casual friday but I couldn't resist posting this office shoot right away cause damn is this looking hot or what ? What a sophisticated beauty Linda is, slender, suckable boobies and those glasses are the cherry on the cake... Meet the manager

Two cuties from Met Art: Mirelle and Milana.

19 July: Jessie Minx trying on panties

Jessie Minx trying on panties

Excellent to see a new movie of Jessie Minx appear at Cosmid (I was already getting impatient and even slightly worried). We find in her in the kitchen where she's trying on the new panties she bought. I am glad that she does it topless cause I didn't want want to miss those mighty big boobs :P One negative point though, I thought alternative girls would have different (make that better) taste in music.  

19 July: Valentine at BodyParty

Valentine at BodyParty

There's more to see at the site BodyParts than Brea alone (who is an extraordinary find though). Like Mandi Collins who I spotted there as Valentine. I am sure you'll remember her as she's together with Violetta one the most skinny (and still busty) models I know of.  Let's have a closer look at her pale blue eyes (Velvet Underground!), porcelain skin and the other interesting parts of her body... Valentine of BodyParts

19 July: Wendy Star and Shyla Shy

Wendy Star and Shyla Shy

To prevent confusion this girl isn't Darina Vanickova as she is listed in this gallery. No I can recognize the owner of these floppy big tits from miles away as being Wendy Star. Watch her strip nude and have fun with a bottle of oil and a dildo... Gallery.  And the blonde with the misleading name Shyla Shy returns at at Plumperpass for a dirty adventure, pics and clip.

18 July: Brittany (Amy) goes hardcore!

Brittany (Amy) goes hardcore!

Yes here is the moment we all have been longing for! After her blowjob at College Rules and assisting in a threesome at Ass Parade Brittany aka Amy is now going all the way! I've watched the full movie and we get a fantastic close look at her big boobs, pussy and round ass. And then there is the sex which is filmed from a first person point of view...  Brittany aka Amy goes hardcore at Bangtryouts  

18 July: Beverly and Selena

Beverly and Selena

Beverly Paige bounces back to the site where she made her debut, Big Naturals. To do what ? Have sex ofcourse! This time she's wearing a black corset and a spider web pantyhose... Clip

And sweet Latina Selena Castro seduces the brother of her best friend with her juicy curves... Clip

18 July: Busty bookworm Toni

Busty bookworm Toni

I not only love boobs I love books aswell (seriously) and I never realized until this morning how much these words sound alike. Now that I think of it I could add booze to the list aswell :) Why I bring this up ? Cause I have our new friend Toni Summers for you who takes off her shirt and bra in front of bookcase.

This reading amateur is very sexy aswell!

18 July: Zane from Latvia

Zane from Latvia

I have never been to Latvia, I have never posted a girl from Latvia and I would be suprised if many of you could point out this country on the map :) So could it be the Latvian Tourist Office convinced Zane to share her wonderful big breasts with the world ? To put the idea in our head that the country is filled with girls looking like her. Let me know when you visited lol!

17 July: Busty girls in pajamas

Busty girls in pajamas

I make these specials on sunday. And what do many people do on sunday mornings ? Sleeping ofcourse! Some prefer to sleep naked and others wear pajamas which are not usually considered sexy. But I disagree with that with all my heart, I find them more sexy than any piece of lingerie. It's pretty much the same story as I have with bathrobes. They are intimate and are easily removed. So enjoy these busty girls in pajamas

16 July: Looks like heaven

Looks like heaven

Does heaven exist ? I guess you aren't suprised I don't have the answer for you. But I know how I would like it to look. Imagine four busty Japanese girls undressing you and lay on the floor. Then they press their big tits in your face, use their soft jugs to give you a massage and help you to a happy end. Not bad at all :P

Clip: Looks Like Heaven     

16 July: Miriam Prado strips

Miriam Prado strips

Miriam was the girl that made me discover the Spanish porn site Putalocura. I instantly loved her sensual looks and tight body. In the mean time she has done 8 naughty movies (as far as I know all of them with her real life boyfriend Jorge). But I never knew she had a last time aswell which is Prado (prevents confusion with the Miram of the Czech Republic).  Anyway here is the Spanish Miriam getting naked for us.

15 July: Lingerie party at XL Girls

Lingerie party at XL Girls

Like curves ? Then you'll be very excicted about this meeting between Micky, Terri Jane and Gya Roberts. This top heavy trio is trying on a huge pile of lingerie and you know that's something women love to do (and we like to watch). Clip: Lingerie Party at XLGirls

Also Anorei Collins found her way to XLGirls, enjoy her pulling down her pink dress in the bedroom.

15 July: Rachel on the stairmaster

Rachel on the stairmaster

Somehow I never pictured Rachel Aldana as a girl who worked out, not because she's lazy but it doesn't seem comfortable with a pair of big boobs like that. Guess I am wrong cause here she is all sweaty on the stairmaster. And it looks pretty good in motion aswell! 

Previously on the stairmaster Anjilis and because I know you love action more busty women working out.

15 July: Makenzie in the sauna

Makenzie in the sauna

A place I have many happy memories of is the sauna. What can I say ? I like the heat and I like the company :) This time it's sweet blonde Makenzie who is going to sweat together with us. She's didn't bring a towel but I suppose nobody will care about that... Gallery

Brandon Areana gets some from behind in the kitchen.

14 July: Uknown busty amateurs

Uknown busty amateurs

The women I usually show you are mostly (semi) professional models. But think about the millions and millons busty women all over the world whose big breasts we never get to see. Kind of an depressing thought isn't ? But let's look at the bright side of life. The site Newbie Nudes gives amateurs the chance to upload their naughty pictures and clips. Here's a compilation of snapshots I stumbled upon.    

14 July: Jacquelin aka Jenna

Jacquelin aka Jenna

Last sunday when I was doing research for the short girls with big tits special I came across a girl that I didn't know but looked very interesting. Turns out she was a one-hit-wonder back in 2004. Well technically two hits cause she appeared at Scoreland as Jacuelin and did a hardcore scene as Jenna of Big Naturals. And another shorty, Natasha Nice, looks great in this first point footage at Eros Pov.

14 July: Lexi in the backyard

Lexi in the backyard

Lexi (aka Demi Scott) made me laugh. At the start of the clip she says 'I can't get my boobs out the neighbours are out'. And then 10 seconds later she suddenly changes her mind. What was it again ? When a girl says no she means... well never mind :) Anyway enjoy her putting some suntan lotion on her fine pair... Lexi of Downblouse Loving in the backyard

13 July: Trixie early in the morning

Trixie early in the morning

I couldn't  agree more so I let Tasty Trixie do the talking: "There's nothing hotter to me than a regular looking woman (like me!) wearing modest, feminine clothes (like this "mommy" nightgown!). You're supposed to pretend you can't see that I'm not wearing a bra and my big boobs are jiggling all over the place, but it's just so exciting you want to see what's underneath!" - Tasty Trixie lifts up her nightgown  

13 July: Janine aka Jaye Rose

Janine aka Jaye Rose

Redhead Jaye Rose is on her way up in my favourite model ranking. So I'am glad to spot her at Busty Teens as Janine where she takes off her red lingerie and spreads her legs in a hotel room. And also DDF Busty has new set of her where she does basically the same thing except for the toy she brought with her.

More redheads: Playmate Leanne Decker and Becky.

13 July: Maggie in the kitchen

Maggie in the kitchen

I am a sucker for women wearing aprons with nothing under it. You can find quite a few excellent ones in my kitchen special. And also Maggie Green is dressed like that today. What's she's cooking ? I have no idea but I am sure it's going to taste great.  Great aswell are these candid snapshots of Maggie sucking and fucking!  Yes she would make a very good wife :)

12 July: Newcomer Paige of Cosmid

Newcomer Paige of Cosmid

On behalf of all booblovers I say thank you Cosmid for all the talent you bring us. Their latest discovery is Paige a 29 years old girl from New York. She used to be a high ranked swimmer and she still has an athletic body. But she has more,  like a pair of firm big breasts and bunch of tattoos including a poem: "There was once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart". - Paige of Cosmid      

12 July: Carmen Croft at the pool

Carmen Croft at the pool

It's promising to be another hot summer day again. And while I am sitting behind my computer taking care of your daily dose of big boobs, Carmen Croft has a better plan. She's relaxing at a swimming pool and cools off her nicely tanned body... Gallery

I wish Tegan Brady would say no tanlines aswell, but that bikini looks great on her I'll give her that!

11 July: Allison Evers has sex again

Allison Evers has sex again

Here she's again our slighty nerdy but oh so attractive (in my eyes) Allison Evers. This time she's going all the way at Big Tits Round Asses. Sure the sex is great to watch but the best moment of this scene take place right at the start when Allison is braless in a tight green shirt. A sight like that really turns me on and it's such a shame that so few women got out without a bra these days, I blame the fashion industry!.   

11 July: Patricia of FTV Girls

Patricia of FTV Girls

It has been a while since FTV Girls added a busty girl. So I am glad to see Patricia appear now cause this site always makes  top of the bill content. We meet this slender and long legged beauty walking outdoors in a summer dress. When she stops and takes off dress we find out that she doesn't has any underwear and has a pair of very suckable boobies.... Patricia of FTV Girls

11 July: Maserati is unstoppable

Maserati is unstoppable

Huge chested Maserati came, saw and conquered the boobs scene in the few months she's active. Well it's always a good thing when woman is enjoying herself right ? Here we have her in the garden of Big Naturals and no she isn't there to water the flowers.  Over at Young Busty there's no man around to please here so Maserati has no other choice than to touch herself.

11 July: Italian mainstream movies

Italian mainstream movies

It sounds odd but I never mentioned some of my favourite busty women ever. If you never heard of them before make sure to 'research them'.  Serena Grandi, Donatella Damiani and Debora Caprioglio are all three Italian actresses with some of the best curves I ever saw. Italian mainstream movies in general (mostly the older ones) are a great source for breasts, take this scene for example where this woman is stripped by a ghost (no storylines aren't their strongest part lol). 

10 July: Short girls with big boobs

Short girls with big boobs

Aren't they adorable short girls with big boobs ? Many years ago I used to date one and even when we lost touch I still think of her often. So I don't understand why I didn't make a special about them earlier. Maybe that's because you usually don't see a model is small unless she's standing next to someone else. Anyway all girls here are below 5'3" (160 cm) but you will not overlook them :)

09 July: Julia in a threesome

Julia in a threesome

Julia oh Julia my petite Japanese angel. Have I ever told your perfect big breasts bring tears in my eyes ? That watching you having sex with all those men makes me jealous and excited at the same time ? And even if you would hear me you wouldn't not understand me. Oh the things I would do to spend a weekend at your side. Forgive me for being dramatic my friends :) Clip: Busty Julia in a threesome    

09 July: Charley blocks the doorway

Charley blocks the doorway

I loved the shoots Charley Green did for Scoreland recently, like this one when she was washing a car. But let's not forget her work at Busty Brits aswell the site where she made her debut.  The following set is a personal favourite. Charley is blocking the doorway. I don't expect anyone will ask her to move aside, she looks far to great taking off her mesh top and panties untill she stands there in all her naked glory.

08 July: Leanne Crow gets wet

Leanne Crow gets wet

So what did Leanne Crow think (ofcourse I am not a mind reader but I love to put words in her mouth) ? 'The wet shirt show September did I can do better' ? Cause Leanne also grabs the garden hose and makes her shirt and large rack wet. Who won ? I honestly can't choose between two ladies like these. They are both winners to me... Leanne Crow gets wet

08 July: Allison busty entertainment

Allison busty entertainment

Two weeks ago I showed you pictures of the episode of College Rules with Allison Evers  as the shining star. I watched the whole movie ofcourse and thought the footage you're about to watch is worth your special attention. The guys ask her to do jumping jacks (bounce bounce) and other tricks with her big tits (sidewinder alert!). Friendly Allison agrees and gives them busty entertainment they'll never forget.   

08 July: Masturbating trio

Masturbating trio

Sorry I am late today. Had some serious computer issues that kept me busy (and not busty as I prefer) all day. Ah well better get back to business now. Here we have a masturbating trio with a impressive line-up of Westy, Terry Nova and Kora Kyrk. I wonder who won this game and got to an orgasm first. Or did this happened in the Olympic spirit and the most important thing was not to win, but to take part :)

07 July: Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland

Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland

Hitomi Tanaka is a regular guest at my site and with her unique big boobs she is the Japanese flagship model. Sofar she has been exclusively working with Japanese sites. Untill now that is cause Hitomi comes to the west as Scoreland managed to do a shoot with her (hatts off for that). They a have a clip coming up aswell and I can only hope this beginning of much more to come... Hitomi Tanaka at Scoreland.

07 July: A beach cabin in Russia

A beach cabin in Russia

This cabin is located somewhere in Russia. Women use it to wash off the sand and salt after a long hot day at the beach or simply to change their clothes. But's is a special cabin cause it's equipped with a camera. This gives you the chance to see the things you always wanted to see but couldn't. Well the crew of Voyeur Russian made this possible for you! Lots of tanlines to spot here. 

07 July: Cathy in the tub

Cathy in the tub

Sure this is some good looking photography. But on the other hand you can't  fail when using a model like Cathy (who ofcourse is Katerina Hartlova) and put her all naked in a tub, can you ? Gallery

And here's Shay Laren once again. She is dancing in her room only dressed in denim shorts and shakes her big breasts on the rhythm of the music.

06 July: Ashley in a dressing room

Ashley in a dressing room

It's not the first time we meet Ashley of Cosmid in the dressing room. And again this results in some amazing footage. The turtleneck sweater she tries on first is already a winner. But things even improve whe she picks a gilet and then decides it may look better without a bra. A thing I can only agree with. What a sexy girl she is and let me also mention the geat  topless in jeans moments.

06 July: Lexxi Luxe aka Anorei Collins

Lexxi Luxe aka Anorei Collins

Ok I like big tits, I also like huge tits. But to be honest the pair Anorei Collins caries around with her is too super sized for me. At the same time I realize that this young lady has a huge fanbase and they will be excited to find her masturbating in the kitchen as Lexxxi Luxe of Plumper Pass (and here's a clip).  And since we're doing extra lage here's Sapphire at the beach busting out of her purple bikini.

06 July: Ayami fun in the pool

Ayami fun in the pool

We're three days away from the weekend but I could not resist posting this sweet busty Japanese named Ayami Sakurai. It's such a happy summer scene that it brings me in a good mood and it has a nice underwater moment in it aswell... Gallery

Previous underwater boobs: Valory and Chica, Kelly Madison, Jane32HH a classic Scoreland clip.

05 July: Busty fun on the road

Busty fun on the road

This scene with Aneta Buena and Kora Kryk was also made during their holiday in Croatia. First we see Aneta as a topless hitckhiker and after she gets picked up (wouldn't you ?) she and Kora have busty fun together on the backseat. Yes these women had a great time. Clip: On the road with Aneta and Kora.

More hitchkikers: Arianna, Chloe and Cassandra.

05 July: True love doesn't wait

True love doesn't wait

This scene of Miela (aka Marry Queen) is named 'True Love'. I remember there is also a Christian group 'True Love Waits' which promotes sexual abstinence for girls that aren't married. Between you and me I don't think Miela has a membership :) Or maybe I didn't get an invitation to her wedding who knows ? Cause she has been doing all her sex shoots with the same guy. Clip: Miele makes love at Joymii

05 July: Shopping with Anya

Shopping with Anya

Girls love shoping for clothes, Anya (aka Merilyn Sakova) is no exception. What is remarkable that shop she's visiting doesn't has a dressing room or wait maybe Anya just prefers no to use it. In any case I am not complaining cause she's not only trying on shoes and dresses but bra's aswell... Gallery 

Rebelde (aka Dominno) naked on a motorcycle.

04 July: New redhead Catt Green

New redhead Catt Green

It certainly are good weeks for the lovers of busty redheads. Cause here's another one making her debut. I am talking about Catt Green of Scoreland a 18 years old American amateur. Enjoy her taking off her dress and sharing her curvy body and big tits with the world for the first time. She's far from shy and describes herself as an exhibitionist, good we like that! And if you like Catt also check out Jaye Rose.

04 July: Slender and horny Hika

Slender and horny Hika

Adriana, Nicol, Jennifer, Inna, Flavia and the list goes on. Seriously I don't think there are many models who have more names than Hika as that's the name I decided to stick with. Why I bring this up ? First reason is that this slender and firm breasted girl deserves more attention. And the second is that I added a whole bunch of new content to her profile (lots of sex scenes like this included).

04 July: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

It's just another working day for me but I want to wish all my American visitor a great Independence Day. Looks like there didn't come out much 4th of July related new content this year, but I gathered all the previous galleries and put them together in a Big Boobs for 4th of July mini special. Half of them aren't even American but that doesn't spoil the fun and still beats a BBQ and fireworks.

03 July: Busty with pigtails

Busty with pigtails
Over time several visitors have contacted me that I should make a special about pigtails. I searched a bit about this subject on the net and it turns out that indeed many men have a fascination for it. Pigtails are orignally meant to keep the neck cool during hot days but also represent youth. And I am happy to cover any fetish as long as there big tits involved ;) Special: Busty with Pigtails

02 July: Momoka's helping hand

Momoka's helping hand

First time we met cute Japanese Momoka Nishina she was getting her firm big breasts massaged. Today we meet her in the bathroom where she's having a shower while her boyfriend (?) is watching her. Obviously he's getting arroused by that wonderful sight and Momoka is friendly enough to give him a helping hand. Don't we all wish for a understanding girlfriend like her ?

02 July: Top heavy tourists

Top heavy tourists

Got to love these vacaction candids of Aneta Buena and Kora Kryk in a Croatian town. Both wearing very revealing dresses, they eat an ice-cream and flash their big boobs.... Top heavy Tourists.

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01 July: Brea back with a surprise!

Brea back with a surprise!

Brea of BodyParts was what you can call a busty surprise. And because I couldn't get enough of her perfectly shaped big breasts I went searching for more. Soon enough I found out that showing her boobs wasn't the only thing she had done. Brea has masturbarted in front of the camera and also gave head and got cum on her tits. And I figured you guys wouldn't mind to get a preview of that!

01 July: Gemini is so sweet

Gemini is so sweet

Some girls make my dirty mind going but a girl as sweet as Gemini brings me in a romantic mood instead. I would love to walk hand in hand with her in a park and cuddle with her later. Ok maybe a bit more than cuddling, but you get my point :) Enjoy this angel looking adorable in a white dress.

Sweet aswell looks Angelica of Karups in the tub.

01 July: Selena goes for a ride

Selena goes for a ride

Huge chested Selena Star goes for a ride not just in her car but also on the couch of Big Naturals. Hmm I never noticed before that she has blue eyes, I guess something else was distracting me too much :) As a bonus I added some more drivers to the Picdump.

Terry Nova and her soft pillows, 01 02.

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