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30 June: The always smiling Amanda

The always smiling Amanda

I don't think I saw a picture of Amanda Love yet, where she doesn't smile. Don't get me wrong I love a friendly smile very much, but when a person smiles all the time it gets on my nerves. Ofcourse this is just a minor issue, maybe Amanda smiles all the time because she's so happy with her big boobs (who can blame her). You know what? Forget what I wrote and simply enjoy her saying bye bye to her bra. 

30 June: Round and brown Katt Garcia

Round and brown Katt Garcia

Katt Garcia is taking selfies (there's that thing again) of her juicy big tits and the responses is immediate. Because the next moment there's white guy in the room. He doesn't even pretend he's interested in her personality and starts examinig her round and brown body. You can imagine what happens next... Clip.    

30 June: Adrian Blake of Soft Orgasms

Adrian Blake of Soft Orgasms

At the site Soft Orgams I found a girl, named Adrian Blake, I never saw before. I would have remembered if I did cause her tattoo's are very prominent ('love yourself' just above her big breasts, who are thank god free of ink). Anyway here she's turned on by writing an erotic story pics and clip. And I also have her making love in the bathroom with a girlfriend, pics and clip.  

29 June: Natalie's divine sweater

Natalie's divine sweater

The cutie previously called Natlie Austin now returns at Zishy as Natalie Austin (small difference but still). Anyway the short sweater she wears while visiting in an outlet mall is divine. It already looks great with a bra, but later in a fitting room the bra comes off and then we get to see one the finest underboob cleavage moments ever! Thank you so much honey, you made my day :P The divine sweater of Natalie Austin

29 June: Cam girl Becca Ray

Cam girl Becca Ray

When I mention cam girls I usually only do it in a secondary link. But this very curvy performer from Bulgaria named Becca Ray has some really nice pictures in her profile, that deserve your attention.

Who also deserves the spotlight is camgirl NaturalBigBoobs from the UK. Her profile doens't do her justice but I've seen her live and she's so sexy! 

29 June: Gina of Showybeauty

Gina of Showybeauty

A pretty angel to start the new week. I am talking about Gina of Showy Beauty, a young (21) Czech brunette. Her breasts are not of shocking size but they look so good on her small frame. Any couch will look better with Gina naked on it :P   

Gina too small for your taste? Then I have the veiny monsters of Emily and Alice for you.   

28 June: Big boobs with foam

Big boobs with foam

My specials about big boobs in the bathroom are famous (at least that's what I like to believe, please don't break my bubble). I've made of eight of them sofar and it's not tme for number nine yet, but I do have a spin-off special for you with galleries and clips that include lots of foam. A private foam party so to speak, enjoy! Don't want to leave the bathroom? No problem, Juggs Joy has plenty of wet entertainment.  

27 June: Rie Tachikawa

Rie Tachikawa

Just like Sofia last Saturday, Rie Tachikawa (the first time this sweet Japanese is at my site) is naked in the bathroom and fingers her pussy. Maybe it was the memory of a previous meeting with two guys that turned her on. They played with her beautiful big breasts, Rie tugged and sucked them both but it was one man who ended up having sex with her (the clip is with any mosaic pixels which makes it extra nice).    

26 June: Audry of Net Video Girls

Audry of Net Video Girls

When I inroduced you to Lanie Morgan last week, I already wrote you that she did a hardcore shoot at Net Video Girls as Audry. Back then I didn't have anything to show you. But since I really this curvy newcomer I deciced to make a nice preview of her casting (the story line is that she thinks this is just a calendar auditon) session myself. Can't wait to see more of this sweet girl! 

26 June: The hands of mouth of RayVeness

The hands of mouth of RayVeness

The French lady from yesterday is not the only one who knows how use her hands, RayVeness is an experienced tugger aswell. Here she's a naughty stepmom giving the birthday body a special present

And there's nothing wrong (to use an understatement) with her sucking skills either, like she proofs here at Mommy Blows Best

26 June: Topless selfies by Tessa

Topless selfies by Tessa

The selfie fun continues with Tessa Fowler just like Aubrey below she takes her phone everywhere she goes. I can't blame her for take pictures of big boobs so often. If I had pair like that I would probaly do the same thing. Enjoy her latest topless selfies (including ones in bath together with Leanne Crow).  

Redhead Lucy V, photographed herself in the pool.  

25 June: Aubrey Paige busty selfies

Aubrey Paige busty selfies

Young women all over the world are addicated to their phones and take selfies everywehre they can. Ridiculous if you ask me but I am probaly getting old. Anyway that kind behaviour becomes much more tolerable when it leads to watching tasty young breasts :) Like here with Aubrey (a new girl with her own site)... The busty selfies of Aubrey Paige. 

25 June: Amazing handjob in France

Amazing handjob in France

A few weeks ago a visitor sent me a list with his favourite tube clips. One of them being a French woman (unknown to me) with a spectaculair pair and amazing handjob techniques (she must have had plenty of practice lol). You might want to show this to your special someone for inspiration... Clip.    

And a young Petra Mis doing the same thing... Clip

25 June: Two times Cherry Blush

Two times Cherry Blush

That black dress suits Cherry Blush very well don't you think? You know what's under it? Yes her juicy big tits, but that's not all. Her pubic hair hasn't been touched by razor for quite a while. Interested to see how that looks? She's more than willing to show you!

More Cherry but in a very different setting, naked at the side pool and eating an ice cream... Gallery.

24 June: Samantha Lily at DDF Busty

Samantha Lily at DDF Busty

Yesterday gave us Valory Irene for the first time as Cosmid. Today another famous model makes her debut at a well known site. Given the European roots of DDF Busty it's strange that it took Samantha Lily (from Russia) so long to make her appearance. It's hardly a surprise that her clothes don't stay on very long :) Samantha Lilly at DDF Busty.

24 June: Larissa Linn and Brooke

Larissa Linn and Brooke

Larissa Linn is a curvalicous 'n sensual lady, my only 'complaint' is that all her shoots sofar are a bit similar: A glammed up Larissa taking off her sexy outfits. This one in which she ends up wearing stockings only is no different. Nice sure, but I hope to see her more natural (maybe outdoors) some time. 

"Ring ring is Brooke there?". Yes she is at Spinchix.  

23 June: Valory at Cosmid

Valory at Cosmid

Let me test your knowledge about big tits. At which other site Valory Irene posed for except Scoreland? That's right as Valory Fleur at Pinup Files. Untill now that is, as Cosmid had the privilege of doing a shoot with her (named Valory, her full name is probably a trademark). Not the best possible timing with all the attention for her Florida vacaction. But a great catch and addition without a doubt.... Valory at Cosmid.

23 June: Marisa tantric touched

Marisa tantric touched

I normally don't post clips so short, but given how good this preview looks I just had to share it with you. Marisa (see last Friday) is being tantric touched in this massage scene by Hegre Art (a speciality of that site). You can't call this porn anymore, this is art.   

Webcam models I saw online today: Zoey4YouTexas Honey and Tetas Multi Orgasm (nice name). 

23 June: Meet Dj Darcie Dolce

Meet Dj Darcie Dolce

Last week I brought you Lanie Morgan of ATK Exotic. That same site has another very interesting newcomer, Darcie Dolce. And this model is indeed very exotic as she's mix of Italian, Armenian and German. I read that in article of Kaboom Magazine, that also learned me that Darcie works as a house music DJ. Have a look at her Twitter for more info. 

22 June: Beautiful Melony of Met Art

Beautiful Melony of Met Art

From all the shoots I saw of Mireya sofar this one for Met Art (as Melony) is probably the most beautiful and elegant. Not that elegant, showing your big boobs and given strangers a view between your legs probably isn't considered very lady like, but you know what I mean. What do you think, should I make special about busty girls with long hair someday? 

22 June: August massaged and more

August massaged and more

One look at August Ames laying on the massage table is enough to know that this Canandian sex bomb is getting more than just a massage. She probably would be dissapointed if she didn't lol. Anyway watch it happen at Passion HD and I also have her making lesbian love with redhead Kendra

Ashley Adams haning out with friends at Dare Dorm.  

22 June: Kendra at the airport

Kendra at the airport

The new week starts with two Zishy galleries. In the first one infamous Kendra Sunderland has some naughty fun at the Portland airport (unreleased images also not a part of her FTV update).  

The star of the second gallery is Nikki Yann (remember her heroic sweater?) who walks around in a seethrough blouse and a thong in the backyard

21 June: Class of 2015 update

Class of 2015 update

The first half of 2015 has almost passed. So let's have a look at the updated Class of 2015 where the busty newcomers of year come together. Amanda Love is the most prominent new face, but the next door cuties of Zishy are wonderful too and ofcourse Anabelle and Sofie Style. Actually I am grateful for every new model that shows her big breasts to us, And there's always room for more :)   

20 June: Sofia masturbates

Sofia masturbates

Because of a technical problem, the Japanese clip is a little later than usual. But it's a very good one (uncensored) with firm breasted Sofia Takigawa all naked in the bathroom. And not only her body is getting wet here, so here is pussy as Sofia fingers it with passion (you might want to turn your volume lol)... Sofia Takigawa masturbates in the bathroom.

20 June: Friendly neighbour Joanna

Friendly neighbour Joanna

"Hello neighbour long time no see, my name is Joanna remember? I wondered if I maybe could borrow a cup of sugar? I can, that so nice of you, wait let me show you my appreciation. I caught you staring at my chest before, so I do like the return a favour. I hope that's ok with you" Friendly neighbour Joanna.     

Lot's of curves on webcam model Yummy40G

19 June: Valory Irene in Florida

Valory Irene in Florida

Such a perfect day... Valory Irene returns at Scoreland with a nothing but sensational shoot 'Valory Irene Florida Vacaction'. This beauty from Ukraine (from what I read she's living in Florida now) does several of touris activities (sight seeing, boat, beach) wearing several outfits (low cut tops, bikinis and yes ofcourse her bare big breasts are present too!). Like I said... sensational :P 

19 June: Jana's unbuttoned blouse

Jana's unbuttoned blouse

Also in the perfect catergory (not as pretty in the face as Marisa, but her body and big boobs are a miracle of nature) is Jana Defi.  Not that long ago I showed you the amazing unreleased shoot of Pinup Files in which this legend unbuttoned her blouse. I am sure you don't mind seeing the matching movie.   

Various shoots of British model Beth Humpreys.  

19 June: Perfect Marisa of Hegre

Perfect Marisa of Hegre

You know I am a person who is more attracted to imperfect girls, but that doesn't mean I am not fascinated by women who are flawless. Marisa of Hegre Art is such a woman. This brunette is tall, slender with full breasts and a gorgeous face (no surprise she works as a  fashion model) She's Italian but I read a rumour that she lives in France and partipated in the Miss France contest.  

18 June: Audee Larnock

Audee Larnock

Let's stick around in the Czech Republic, cause sweet blonde Audee who we met a few times before now also is active for Cosmid as Audee Larnock. She's photographed in a nice and natural way, with her boobs out of her top and pours water on them. 

And Lucie Wilde did a new hardcore shoot (with a glamorous look) at DDF Busty

18 June: Anabelle boy/girl

Anabelle boy/girl

The Anabelle (am I the only one who thinks she looks like Louisa Lockhart) show continues with two boy/girl clips: the first one is a straighforward one, passionate hardcore in the bedroom of Dane Jones.  The second one is my favourite, I love seeing her on the street in every day clothes. The recruiter of Public Agent asks her if she's interested in modelling and they end up having sex in park. See you soon Anabelle!   

18 June: Anabelle lesbian love

Anabelle lesbian love

It's turns out that a whole bunch of movies of Anabelle came out around the same time (at different sites that are a part of the 'fake' network). I will dedicate no less than two posts to this Czech beauty today, she deserves the attention. Two lesbian clips to begin with: in the bedroom with her blonde friend Nikky at Mom XXX and taken with a strap on during a casting session at Female Agent.  

17 June: Anabelle of Fake Hospital

Anabelle of Fake Hospital

Wow I am really grateful to the guy who sugested me to check out busty beauty Anabelle of Fake Hospital (he actually asked me if I knew more about her, more coming tomorrow). Anyway this girl came to the doctor for a contraceptive prescription (she doesn't want her mother to find out). The doctor is more than happy to help but not before giving her a thorough examination :P 

17 June: Audrey Grace at Big Naturals

Audrey Grace at Big Naturals

Newcomer number two is Audrey Grace of Big Naturals. Just like Lanie, she's American but Audrey isn't an exotic girl but a fair skinned redhead (not a natural as far is I can tell). Really like the beginning of the scene where Audrey shows her boobies in public and later lets them bounce. The sex part is less my style as it's little rough (yeah I am a softie, I admit).  

17 June: Lanie Morgan of ATK Exotics

Lanie Morgan of ATK Exotics

This day will be fully about newcomers (never a bad thing, fresh talents are one of my favourite subjects). The first one is Lanie Morgan of ATK Exotics a sweet Hispanic girl with pointy and pierced (one side) big tits and a round ass. The way she spreads her legs makes me feel very welcome :) Talking about her spreading her legs, she did some very naughty movies for NetVideoGirls as Audry (I am sorry no preview). 

16 June: Getting wet with Sofie Style

Getting wet with Sofie Style

Here we have shoot number four of Sofie Style at Scoreland and I showed them all to you sofar (I even believe on the day they were released). That shows how excited I am about this German model. Not drop dead gorgeous, not a miracle of nature with a slender body and big boobs, but a real woman with curves where it matters! This time Sofie invites us to watch her get wet and naked in the bathroom

16 June: Kendra's screen test

Kendra's screen test

I show you castings regurlarly, but this type of casting is different I guess a screen test is the proper name. And it's the one and only Kendra Sunderland who auditions here for Naked News (and tells some interesting stories about her personal life once she's done). Do you think she would be good host? Well asking the question, is answering it :) Clip.  

16 June: Jo Paul at Pinup Files

Jo Paul at Pinup Files

I was already aware that British Jo Paul was active for Pinup Files, but in the first pictures that were released she's didn't take off her blue bikini. Given her history I knew it was only a matter of time before her firm big breasts would come out and in the set of today that moment is there... Jo Paul topless at the side of the pool for Pinup Files.  

15 June: Joey's yoga outfit

Joey's yoga outfit

I rate this shoot of Joey Fisher a 9 out of 10. Why the not maximum rating ? Well don't get me wrong Joey and her bare big boobs are fantastic and the tight yoga outfit looks great on her. But I would have loved to see her to yoga kind of positions (like Buffy has demonstrated so perfectly before). Anyway that's just a detail anything this British babe does is magic! 'Yoga' with Joey Fisher! 

15 June: About Mandy Dee

About Mandy Dee

Mandy Dee is retired for a while already (rumours say she married a rich guy). But with the amount of scenes this sensational blonde from Russia did during her active years, there are always content I haven't seen. I personally really like (less pornstar-ish) this early career scene at HomeGrown Video. You can find some very good late career stuff at MagikSex (also interracial just like here at Elegant Raw). 

15 June: Cowgirl Lacey Banghard

Cowgirl Lacey Banghard

The cowgirl look orignally is an American phenomenon, so yes it does look more believable when Noelle or Tessa wear such a hat (to name two classics). But it has been adopted by models from other countries often and what else can I say than that British Lacey Banghard is a great addition to the collection and I am sure she's more than welcome in every American saloon... Gallery.  

14 June: Special: Messy big boobs

Special: Messy big boobs

It was the chocolate on the bare breasts of Buffy I posted earlier this week, that inspired me to make a special about messy big boobs. To be honest this isn't my favourite theme, I prefer my boobs clean (wet oroiled works too). But opinions vary, so let's watch our busty friends go dirty with all kind of materials (from melons to mud, from chocolate to paint). 

13 June: Hitomi's tits on a table

Hitomi's tits on a table

In the clips I make you for you, I am always looking for unique moments. In the full movie Hitomi Tanaka is a housekeeper making dinner naked in the kitchen. The guy watching her gets aroused and these two end up having sex. My clip starts when the sex is over and they eat the meal Hitomi prepared.... The big tits of Hitomi Tanaka on a table (more boobs on table in this previous special). 

13 June: In bath with Winona

In bath with Winona

Sorry about adding the text to this post so late, it was a crazy day yesterday (I am writing this on Sunday). Ah well most you guys probably click straight to picture anyway (and who can blame you lol) ANyway here's another shoot of the re-discovered Terry for Photodromm... In bath with Winona

Sexy webcam performer Tracy Gray.  

12 June: Lily back at Busty Britain

Lily back at Busty Britain

Lily Pink aka Jenny Jones and at Busty Britain must have a special relationship as it's the only site that offers recent shoots with her. With some stunning results, if you missed her in the showerhere's the chance to fix that mistake. And this one (released this week) looks amazing aswell: Lily Pink in a black bodystocking and with a pearl necklace presenting her premium big boobs. 

12 June: In the pool with Luna

In the pool with Luna

Ok you saw the pictures and trailer of Luna Amor cooling off in the pool on Monday. But when I saw the full movie I know I had to make a bonus clip of it aswell. The sight of her jumping in the water (also filmed underwater) is simply fantastic.... Enjoy

Great aswell: Dillion Carter flashing her sweet boobies while riding on a bike.  

12 June: Toni back to the bench

Toni back to the bench

Amanda Love is dominating Cosmid these weeks and that's only logical cause a girl like her doesn't come around very often. But let's not neglect the others, like Toni Leanne who goes back to the school bench and displays her beautiful big tits and pussy.. Gallery

And a newcomer from Australia: Chloe Jenks 

11 June: Essie Halladay of Zishy

Essie Halladay of Zishy

I don't how Zishy manages to find all the incredible cute looking girls but I am do know I am very grateful. Cause wow Essie Halladay is yet another next door gem! This pretty young brunette with glasses poses in a park and pulls down and lifts up her shirt. We don't get to see them in all their bare glory but she reveals enough to say that Essie got an amazing pair of big breasts... Essie Halladay of Zishy.

11 June: My dirty maid Sofia

My dirty maid Sofia

Not that long ago I showed you Ada Sanchez at My Dirty Maid (she by the way also is active at NaughtyMag where I read she was born in Cuba). Since I like to watch girls cleaning naked, I checked the site for more busty performers and noticed they also have an episode with sexy Sofia from Colombia. Who does the dishes, makes the bed and has sex (for the right amount of money that is)... Clip (Sofia also webcams at Camster using the name Sofia Nix).  

11 June: Tessa with a Rubik's cube

Tessa with a Rubik's cube

I can't say I have a fond memories of a Rubik's cube. Too many wasted hours that only lead to frudstration (and I admit peeling off the stickers lol). But everything a topless Tessa Fowler turns into gold and I suddenly like that damn cube a lot more... Gallery.

Webcam suggestions: Reny a classy lady from Russia and huge chester nerd named Busty Bonnie.  

10 June: Katerina squirts milk

Katerina squirts milk

If you ever wondered if Katerina Hartlova would return after being pregnant, here's your answer. We meet this Czech legend in the shower (her body and boobs are in great shape again) where she not only does the usual things but also lactates (a thing I know many were hoping for)... Katerina Hartlova squirts milk in the shower of DDF Busty (welcome back!).  

10 June: April aka Anastasia Lux

April aka Anastasia Lux

Another interesting story and again I can't guarantee it's true. April aka Anastasia Lux loves Twitter and decided to reward the 5000th follower of her with a personal meeting. The guy couldn't believe his luck and brought his camcorder along... It looks like he had a very good time! And over at PureCFNM she's a therapist solves a guy's mental problem with an unorthodox approach :) 

10 June: A beer for Barbara

A beer for Barbara

The Czechs are known for making some of the world's finest beers and the Czech women for their big boobs. Is there a correlation? There are claims that the hops in beer stimulate breast growth. Probably not, but it's interesting theory :) Anyway here's Barbara Angel Oktoberfest style and two similar themed galleries from the past with: Renee Ross and Joanna Bliss.   

09 June: Amanda takes off her dress

Amanda takes off her dress

Sweater dresses aren't new at Cosmid, we saw Jaime (aka Melissa Manning) and also Tasha Cole wear them before (and I probably forgot one or two). And now it's the turn of the wonderful Amanda Love to wear one. That in combination with the glasses and the pen she's holding gives her the 'secretary from your dreams' kind of look... Amanda Love takes off her sweater dress.

09 June: Experimenting with Ashley

Experimenting with Ashley

Three new new scenes with Ashley Adams (told you this girl was busy). In the first one she's back for more at Big Naturals. In the other two she's expanding her territory. At My Very First Time she tries anal sex (don't fast forward the movie, the interview part has some interesting moments). And the experimenting goes on with boundage and rough domination at Sex and Submission, clips and pics,  

09 June: Sabrina Nichole

Sabrina Nichole

I introduced you to Sabrina Nichole in March. In April this sexy girl from Texas was Playboy's cyberygirl of the month. So yes I am two months late with this gallery, but better late than never and I am sure many of you haven't seen it before.  

Jelena Jensen takes off her black lingerie (except for the stocking) in this shoot for Twistys. 

08 June: Luna Amor during a hot day

Luna Amor during a hot day

When you compaere the breasts of Luna Amor with for example Luci Li from earlier today. The pair of Luna is less 'perfect', but I prefer her bigger, saggier and unqiue shaped set anyhow. And boy do they look amazing squeezed into a small bikini or what :P. And when she's all naked Luna cools off in the pool... Luna Amor during a hot summer day (also check out the trailer, it has some great underwater footage.)  

08 June: Buffy messy with chocolate

Buffy messy with chocolate

There are many things I would like to with the big boobs of Busty Buffy, however rubbing them with chocolate isn't on it (I would go for oil or something else more straight forward). Would I decline if I had the chance? Ofcourse not! Watch Buffy and a guy go messy in the kitchen (nice apron by the way).   

Online now: the natural looking ArtsyScarlett.  

08 June: Lucy Li at Watch4Beauty

Lucy Li at Watch4Beauty

On this beautiful morning the equally beautiful Luci Li from the Czech Republic takes off her red dress and grant us a good look at every intimate part of her naked body. More Lucy for Watch4beauty, this time a little more unusual: during a shoot in Greece (looking smashing in a black dress) she had to pee, and the photographer seized the opportunity.   

07 June: Exotic big breasts

Exotic big breasts

In our modern times of mixed ethnic relationships, it's not that always that easy to determine whethera girl is Black or White, Asian or Hispanic etc. But hey some of the most beautiful women are a result of having parents with different backgrounds (Alexa Loren being a perfect example). So that's why I deciced to make this special dedicated to exotic big breasted models. 

06 June: Ki's sweater part two

Ki's sweater part two

Some movies are so good that they require a sequel, like the one about Ki Hanyuu's sweater. Part one was non nude, part two has that sweater lifted up and down numerous times. Oh boy those erected nipples drive me crazy :p Enjoy the show.

Talking about braless sweatesr, the fuzzy and pink one September Carrino slows removies is great too!   

06 June: Bikini busting at XL-Girls

Bikini busting at XL-Girls

This post is not meant for everyone, you have to be a lover of extra large ladies to appreciate this. But when you are such a person, you must be in heaven as Ivy Dreams, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane, Peaches LaRue, and Shugar have plenty to offer curves wise :) In this gallery (part of a full series named 'Big Girl Sex School') these women bust out of their bikinis.  

05 June: Winona of Photodromm

Winona of Photodromm

You guys remember Terry from the Czech Republic, best known for her unbelievable perky big boobs? Well she hasn't been active for a year or two but recently surfaced again as Winona of Photodromm. If this was the first time I saw her, I would probably think 'fake boobs' and ignore her. But I know her history, have no such indications and why add a plastic to a pair that so firm 'n big in the first place?

05 June: Viola drying off

Viola drying off

We have seen Viola showering before, so for this clip I picked the part where she steps out of the cabin and dries herself off. Since it's filmed from an open door it almost is a voyeur experiece, but then suddenly XX-Cel opens his big mouth (just kidding pal thanks for the amazing footage)... Viola Bailey drying off.   

A full frontal look at petite redhead Rima

04 June: A crate of Dom Perignon

A crate of Dom Perignon

Somewhere in a crowded bar in Europe two girls paticipate in a wet shirt contest. All my attention goes out to the skinny and tall blonde (maybe she just seems tall because she's so skinny). But skinny is not all she's, she also has an incredible pair of perky 'n pale boobies that clearly have never seen the sunlight! Wait was that cheap bottle of champagne all she got? She deserved a crate of Dom Perignon! 

04 June: Italian beauty Lucia

Italian beauty Lucia

Italian beauty Lucia stopped modelling almost 20 years ago but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy her anymore. I noticed a clip at Scoreland2 I never posted before and I deciced to bring back her spetacular slender body in the spotlight.

Mia Scarlett (previously at Bangbros18) thanks the guy who saved her from her psycho boyfriend... Clip.

04 June: What I was hoping for

What I was hoping for

Sometimes you exactly get what you're hoping for. I visited Met Art this morning with the sole purpose of finding new content of Roxi (I don't have to explain you why, this girl is as sweet as candy).  As you can see I got lucky and found this honey showing her big breasts and the rest of her body on bed... Gallery

Also nude on bed: curly haired Helenna

03 June: Jinx of Yes Boobs

Jinx of Yes Boobs

When I updated the Streamate special last Sunday I added a this huge chested black cam model. She's also models for Yes Boobs as Jinx, but I noticed I never introduced her to you. This is what Sarah Rae wrote about this shoot "Omg I was SO excited to meet Jinx! I had never met anyone with bigger breasts than mine before! Jinx has amazing, all natural 36 M cups. We were in awe!". 

03 June: Rayveness lesbian loving

Rayveness lesbian loving

One of my all time favourite mature models, RayVeness, seems to be very active these days So you can expect her regularly again. For now let's have look at two lesbian scenes. In the first one she getting massaged by two girls much younger, Gracie Glam and Abella Danger and in the second one at Girlfriends Films she's with a woman her age, Mindi Mink and these two get along very well.  

03 June: Vanessa out of her red dress

Vanessa out of her red dress

Vanessa looks so good in that red night dress that I almost regret that she takes it off. Almost I say, cause who in his right state of mind doesn't want to see her wonderful mature body? Gallery.   

And here's another older woman, Helenka, who gives her much younger lover a warm welcome in her home... Clip.  

02 June: On vacation with Lena Moore

On vacation with Lena Moore

Are these pictures of Cosmid's Lena Moore made by a professional? I highly doubt it, Before you think that is criticism, it's not I love the charm of it. Actually it looks like her boyfriend made them when they were on a vacaction trip (the tanlines on her big boobs, the balcony and the blue sky are other indications that this could indeed be the story). She sure looks like fun girl to be with, I know I wouldn't get bored :P 

02 June: The return of Krystal Swift

The return of Krystal Swift

After a hiatus of four years Krystal Swift returns at DDF Busty. She never was slender but it does look like she put on some extra pounds during that time. She celebrates her comeback by taking off her black dress and posing nude in high heels... Gallery

Did you know tthat four years ago (22 back then) she also appeared at Czech Casting as Petra?

02 June: Topless yoga with Avri

Topless yoga with Avri

I didn't come across any new yoga session since I made a special about it in the beginning of this year. But here I have the sweet 'n petite Avri of FTV Girls showing her flexible skills (there's a special about that subject too) and she finishes her session by masturbating with two rather big sex toys. 

Mature Sindy Huga oils up her large naturals. 

01 June: Mireya back at Femjoy

Mireya back at Femjoy

Mireya returns at Femjoy and let us inspect her big breasts, round ass and hairy pussy (thank you for that honey, you look so tasty!)... Gallery. You know who would be a perfect match for a duo shoot with her cause they have similar looks are both from Ukraine are work for the same sites? Sheela A.!  

Housewife Debbie has plenty to swing with

01 June: The tittyfuck in motion

The tittyfuck in motion

I assume you all seen the pictures last week of Buffy using her boobs to pleasure her lucky lover. Well I am also assuming that would love to see how that looks in motion  till the very end. If that's correct have a look at this long and wonderful clip

Thie balck man in this clip of Evil Angel also has a pretty good day (thanks to Brooke Wylde). 

01 June: Larissa Linn solo

Larissa Linn solo

Lariss Linn does everything herself here: taking off her clothes, licking her big tits and playing with her pussy. Strange when you think of it, it shouldn't be that hard to find a man to help this classy and seductive lady with her needs... Gallery.

Sensual Jane is the type who do takes matters in her own hands and gets what she wants, pics and clip.  

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