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30 April: Yuma Asami teacher

Yuma Asami teacher

We all had these kind of fantasies when we were in school didn't we ? Well I sure had! And I will never forget this particular teacher (I still have dreams about her big tits every now and then). But sadly she never gave me similar treatment like Yuma Asami does here with her lucky student.

Rio Hamasaki made a great teacher aswell!

30 April: Eden Mor & Terry Nova

Eden Mor & Terry Nova

The most legendary meeting of huge melons that ever took place at XX-Cel is the one between Eden Mor and Terry Nova. Imagine being crushed between them you would slowly be smothered. but hey there are worse ways to die :) Enjoy these huge two chested ladies cuddling together.

Eden and Terry at XX-Cel

29 April: Jaye's morning routine

Jaye's morning routine

Eearlier this week I praised the photography of the site Girl Folio in the shoot they did with Sapphire. Well the same story goes for this shoot with (a sweet busty redhead Jaye. We follow this girl while she's doing her morning routine of brushing her teeth and doing her make-up (with pajama jacket unbuttoned).

Early in the morning with Jaye of Girl Folio.

29 April: White Angel as a cheerleader

White Angel as a cheerleader

When you are blogging about big boobs as long as I am, you find yourself repeating your own words. So yes I have said this about White Angel before. But I don't understand why this girl has not become world famous. Pretty face slender body and a pefect pair. I've seen models less good looking gain more fame.

15 more busty cheerleaders in this special.

29 April: Mischa in the shower

Mischa in the shower

Petra Mis (the more common name for Mischa) is not active anymore for a while already. But she remains a very popular model, her BL profile has been visited 788,887 times as we speak. Here's she getting clean in the shower of DDF Busty.

Dors Feline squeezed her extra large body and boobs in a revealing purple outfit for Scoreland.

28 April: Erika confesses her sins

Erika confesses her sins

So I dug a little deeper in the archives of Putalocura and hit some gold. The gold is going by the name of Erika who has done 3 sex scenes and comes from Romania (but does seem to speak Spanish). In the clip she's a schoolgirl confessing her sins to Padra Damian. Ofcourse this priest is happy to give her absolution in exchange for having some fun with her holy jugs :) Erika of Putalocura

28 April: Busty teen Alvina

Busty teen Alvina

Can you believe that's already longer than 10 years ago that Alvina from Hungary was active ? So she will look very different now and her breasts will probably not be as firm and perky as they were. But damn what a glorious pair she had... Alvina of Busty Teens

There is a new Milf in town who loves to seduces younger men with her curves... Desiree.

28 April: Country girl Arianna

Country girl Arianna

Life is good on the country side. All those lonely farmer daugthers desperately looking for some company (well that's my fantasty at least lol). Like Arianna Sinn here who's sweeping the floor in a low cut dress. And neing the friendly woman she's more than willing to give us a peek at her curvylicious body.

Taylor earned her a on glass membership card :)

27 April: Valory Irene

Valory Irene

Valory Irene returns to stun us with her fantastic big boobs. She's wearing a (very minimal) monokini type of lingerie which leaves little to your imagination. When she looks in the mirror she finds out her nipples aren't as erected as she wants them to be. But that's not a thing a bit of cold water can't fix :)

In the bathroom with Valory Irene

27 April: Elizabeth on the stairs

Elizabeth on the stairs

Elizabeth of Cosmid refused to show her boobs in the early stage of her career. Thank god those days are long over now cause a pair of big breasts like that deserves to be shared with the world. This time I have her on the stairs for you where she takes off her bra with a sweet smile... Gallery

New sex scenes of Victoria Rae are available!

27 April: Sabina Leigh

Sabina Leigh

Somehow I ended up at the personal blog of model and sexuologist Sabina Leigh. Interesting stuff to read and watch there. She seems like a smart and open minded woman and I really like her natural and slightly nerdy looks (and yes her pale big tits). I added a bunch of new links to her BL profile aswell, like here baking cookies at Scoreland or here taking off her dress for Busty Brits.

26 April: September measures them

September measures them

September Carrino looks spectacular in her glamour shoots, but the candid clips are even hotter in my opinion, she seems more reachable in them. Anyway September is in her bedroom talking that her already very big boobs keep growing and that only sport bra's can hold them. To proof her point she whips them out and measures them. Not sure whay size they are but 'huge' should cover it :) 

26 April: Dasha with tulips

Dasha with tulips

I always thought that tulips where a typical Dutch thing. But it turns out that they are also popular in Ukraine. Cause from that country beautiful brunette Dasha is coming from. All in all this an ultimate Spring shoot, fresh flowers and a pair of firm big breasts.

By the way Dasha reminds me a lot of one of my all time favourite models, Eshe.

26 April: The return of the Queen

The return of the Queen

Sex is often referred to as something dirty. Not sure where that is coming from. All I know that when Marry Queen is doing 'it' it looks more like a form of art. Just check her previous sex scenes at X-Art and Joymii and you'll know what  mean. And also her latest adventure is good looking... Marry returns at Mofos.  As always it's her actual boyfriend who's pleasuring her.

26 April: Robyn and two duos

Robyn and two duos

Hey there Robyn Alexandra long time no see. We've missed you alot. Would you please be so kind to take off you bra for us and show your gifts from god ? Thank you that's much better... Gallery

And two busty duos for you: Olivia & Georgina and Magdalena & Jacquetta (aka Cikita and Jenny McClain)

25 April: Busty stewardess Lynette

Busty stewardess Lynette

Don't tell me flight attendants in their sexy uniforms and high heels don't turn you on! Sadly I do not know for which company Lynette of Karups is working but they should use her for commercial purposes :) Cause a pair of firm big tits like that will work like magnets for thousands of (male) customers! Just imagine her doing the safety instructions naked :P

25 April: Sapphire so beautiful

Sapphire so beautiful

No I haven't seen Sapphire Blue ever more beautiful portrayed than in this shoot. Everything is done extremely well here. The lightning, her clothes and make-up, and not to the baby oil. I take my hat off for this photographer... Sapphire at Girl Folio.

Tegan Brady is getting a bit more daring but still covers them up with her hands.

25 April: Tasha strange hair

Tasha strange hair

When you're a negative person you could say that Tasha got a strange haircut. I tend to agree but you think Ala Passtel every got any complaints ? Lol my point exactly :) Besides hair can be changed and boobs can't (at least not without ruining them).

Chesty housewife having fun on her balcony.

24 April: Big boobs from Texas

Big boobs from Texas
Let's see if indeed 'everything is bigger in Texas :) However is not always easy to say if a model is coming from that state. For example some sources claim Haley Cummings is born there and others say Florida (so I left her out). Or Ava Addams who was born in France France but raised in Texas (so I put her in). Others seems 100% Texan though....  Big Boobs from Texas

23 April: Sumire Matsu underboob

Sumire Matsu underboob

Untill today my favourite underboob moment took place when the lovely Kim was cleaning her window in a low cut shirt. But now she gets some serious competion from Sumire Matsu from Japan. My god those big breasts looks so great in that tiny and tight shirt. Once she starts riding on top her boobies bounce out of her shirt... So very yummy those Japanese know to make great busty content :P

23 April: Justyna of Mc Nudes

Justyna of Mc Nudes

I know everything ends. But still It feels kind of empty to not have a new episode of Angela White going hardcore on saturday morning. Ah well she's sti;; available on webcam in case you miss her! Anway it turns out that this petite model from Poland who we met as Lilly of 18andBusty and more recently as Justine of also is active at Mc Nudes. There she goes by the name of Justyna.

22 April: Sandra Milka casts

Sandra Milka casts

Some girls start doing porn just for the money others the cash is just a bonus and simply are exhibitionists and naughty by nature. In that last category Sandra Milka belongs without a doubt. She came, saw and conquered. In this new gallery her job is to cast a new aspiring porn actor named Alberto. Will this air conditioner installer pass the test ? Well even in a worst case scenario he at least had sex with Sandra :)

22 April: Introducing Ewe Sweet

Introducing Ewe Sweet

Some new models enter our scene with a bang others sneak their way in. Like Ewe Sweet for example who is a a cute looking blonde from the Czech Republic (born 1989). She did a bunch of shoots for Young Busty where she also does hardcore but also appears at 1ByDay and Karups (as Eve Sweet). In case you wonder who the other girl in the thumbnail is, that's is Carmen Croft.

21 April: In bath with Kim

In bath with Kim

There is only so long that I can dow without Kim of Downblouse Loving. Since it already is longer than a month ago that she came to visit it's about time again! We meet our friendly English friend sitting naked in her bath, tired after a long day of working. She's isn't emberrased or anything, on the contrary she wants us to stay and scrub her back. Well that's not a kind of request you we can deny her right ?

21 April: Angelica knows how to dress

Angelica knows how to dress

My love for sweaters, tight shirts, jeans and casual clothing in general should be no secret for you. Well top heavy Angelica (a curvy and natural amateur) knows how to dress for sure. These pics are old but way too good to let them collect dust.

Lorna Morgan had a black sweater moment that I consider a favourite but this pink one is not bad either!

21 April: A massage by Angie

A massage by Angie

Everyone likes to get a relaxing massage right ? Especially when you got a woman like Angie giving one. She doesn't stop with rubbing your shoulder muscles but likes to focus on the more important parts of the male body, pics and clips.

Unusual to see Gianna Michaels in an erotic art shoot. But here in the hospital she's back to her usual self :)

20 April: Lana aka Lanna aka Sveta

Lana aka Lanna aka Sveta

In case you wonder yes we met have this brunette from Ukraine before as Sveta. However she goes by the name of Lana I. at Met Art. And dear god she looks better than ever before with her sweater unzipped and her beautful big breasts exposed. 

And that's not all my dear friends. Karups has this young beauty aswell in their collection as Lanna.

20 April: Fun with Maggie Green

Fun with Maggie Green

Last weeked we saw Maggie Green as a co-star in Angela White's hardcore adventure. In this new episode of Big Tits Round Asses she's again having some naughty fun with a girlfriend. This time it's Nina Mercedez (fake boobs) who's she playing with in the tub. At the end of the scene she gives a guy a nice slippery titjob aswell. This is not in the clip but I do have some screencaps for you.

20 April: Farmer daughter Svanhild.

Farmer daughter Svanhild.

Most of the sets of Sanvhild aka Abbigail have the same farmer's daughters theme. That's probably because they are all done by the same photographer and during one period of time. So I am afraid I can't offer you much variation. But I guess we all agree that she's way too wonderful to be picky. Here's a nice gallery (sorry about the pop-ups) I never posted before (which does't mean she's back).

19 April: Debra of Busty Teens

Debra of Busty Teens

When I looked at smiling sweetie Debra for the first time, I feared for a moment that Busty Teens would cause me another Naomi syndrome (a girl so perfect but yet so impossible to find more from). But then I had a moment of clarity and my boob memory pointed me to Julia. A mole inspection proved me right. Enjoy her making her big boobs wet in the bathroom... Debra of Busty Teens

19 April: Ellette of Cosmid

Ellette of Cosmid

Cosmid has a great track-record when it comes down to bringing us redhead. How about this line-up: Eva, Annalynn, Jesi, Casey and Raylinn. Pretty impressive don't you think. But the show isn't over yet cause last week Ellette made her debut. She's a slender 21 years old from New Jersey with suckable pale boobies.

Fetish Model Iona Grace punished at the Upper Floor.

19 April: Kelsey Michaels

Kelsey Michaels

This is going to be a beautiful day. Not only because it's Spring and the sun is shining. But also because it's going to be a day dedicated to busty redheads. In June 2010 Kelsey Michaels did two sex scenes before disappearing again (probably forever). One at Big Tits Round Asses and the other one at Ass Parade where she went 'naughty' shopping with a girlfriend.

18 April: Crystal Chiara

Crystal Chiara

Back in 2005 I posted a gallery of a curvy brunette in a wedding dress. I found her extremely sexy but didn't even know a name. Now 6(!) years later I finally found out that she's Crystal Chiara, who as far as I know only appears as guest model on the personal site of Cassandra. Enjoy her taking off her bikini and exposing her big tits on a hot summer day. I love mysteries with happy endings like this :)

18 April: French cutie Lilou

French cutie Lilou

Is it possible to have the name Lilou and not be cute ? I don't think so! This sweet looking girl from France is so adorable with her pigtails and freckles (another soft spot of mine) plus has some great sucking skills! 

College girls having fun during spring break and a new girl next door in porn called Talia Palmer.

18 April: I can see boobies

I can see boobies

I am not into this kind of dance music at all. But Reset (a dj collective from Milan) do get my stamp of approval for their latest music video 'I Can See Boobies'. Which is  a tribute to the legendary director and booblover Russ Meyer... let's dance and bounce!

Gold and old aswell Deanne Baldwin showing her big breasts of perfection in the bathroom.

18 April: Perfect Princessa

Perfect Princessa

No Princessa aka Maria Swan aka Jana Defi is no longer among us (at least not as an active model). But she lives forever in the collective mind of booblovers all over the world. Here's an old shoot that I never posted before that she did for MC Nudes.

Cikita takes off her black dress and underwear untill only her stockings are left.

17 April: Big boobs on glass

Big boobs on glass
Big breasts and glass objects are an excellent combination. Don't understand what I am talking about ? Then have look at my previous shower cabin special and you'll know what I mean. In this new special we'll have a closer look at women who pick a different glass object to press their boobs on. Tables are rather popular but others prefer doors and windows... Big Boobs on Glass

16 April: Hanna Hilton seductive

Hanna Hilton seductive

Back in 2008 also in April (so exactly three years ago) Hanna Hilton made the same step as Angela did and had sex on camera for the first time. I remember how thrilled I was back then, sadly Hanna is retired for a while now. But Pinup Files was smart and saved some content for a rainy day. And oh boy does she looks seductive in her black sheer lingerie. If you read this Hanna... we miss you!

16 April: Angela White the finale

Angela White the finale

Are you ready for the grand finale of 'Angela Finally Fucks' ? Angela sure is! First she's getting very friendly with Maggie Green (and we know from her adventures at Girls Out West how much she's into girls). When they guy shows up Angela jumps him with a some assistance from Maggie and ends her hardcore debut with a big bang. Thanks for the great entertainment Angela.

15 April: Hana Haruna

Hana Haruna

Big Tits Tokyo has been adding news movies of Hana Haruna (a new star to their network) daily this week. It's safe to say that she's a gread addition to their already impressive collection. Watch a man play with her big boobs and have bouncy sex with her later. 

And I also found some sexy pictures of her.

15 April: LaTaya Roxx and Sunshine

LaTaya Roxx and Sunshine

We know the site Putalocura best for their Spanish models like Eli for example. But Torbe, the guy running the show, invites models from all over the world. Like Czech Lataya Roxx who takes off her bra by the window in this gallery. And since it's (casual) friday today let's have a look in the office aswell. There we meet curvy blonde Sunshine who looks amazing hot as an stripping secretary.

15 April: Sizzling sexy Scarlett

Sizzling sexy Scarlett

If you're a veteran at my site and I am sure many of you are, you'll remember that Scarlett Kaleian was nothing but a sensation back in 2007. Especially when did some rare hardcore over at Sexy Employee. God knows what she does know but I did stumble upon some galleries of her, that I share with you for old times sake. Stripping for 1byDay and nude in the bathroom of Young Busty.

14 April: Nurse Lovisa Nea

Nurse Lovisa Nea

Slender and busty blonde Lovisa Nea made her debut in early February. DDF Busty sure kept us waiting long for her second set, but I tell you it was worth our patience. Cause here as a nurse she looks even hotter than in her first shoot. My god what a perfect body, I bet she has healing effect on all of her patients. Meet Florence Nightingale 2.0 :) Lovisa Nea as a stripping nurse

14 April: Gemma happy to be busty

Gemma happy to be busty

Gemma of Cosmid  is such a friendly and spontaneous girls and so comfortable about her body. And it's great to hear (and see) her talk about her big tits, she's so enthusiastic:  "All natural god's gift to me. They came out of nowhere in senior highschool I was flatchested before. Life got a lot better after that. These are my friends!" Isn't that adorable ? Go watch the clip

14 April: Katlynn in red boots

Katlynn in red boots

Redhead sensation Katlynn (who's official model name is Elizabeth Marxs) is still in her hotel room. This wearing nothing but high red latex boots and matching panties. Perfect big breasts seriously... Gallery

A mature amateur with sweet face and great looking boobies, 01 02. Who reminds me of Tasty Trixie. More of these kind of women at Newbie Nudes.

13 April: Allison of Broke Amateurs

Allison of Broke Amateurs

Now this are the kind of girls I like best. A total amateur straight from the street, a little shy and with no excessive makeup and no glamour pretentions. Allison of Broke Amateurs (from Tennessee) got all that and MORE! Cause when she drops her towel we get to see a amazing pair of natural big boobs. They are five pounds each (she let the doctor weigh them, the lucky bastard). Don't miss this one!

13 April: Carmen and Candy

Carmen and Candy

We join Carmen Croft in the bedroom where's she about to take off her black corset. Once she's done with that she lays on the bed in all her naked glory. That looks like an invitation don't you think ? I wish my friends, I wish... Gallery

Candy Alexa takes off her red babydoll and get's comfortable on a chair at Simonscans.

13 April: Hayden Winters at FTV Girls

Hayden Winters at FTV Girls

Compared to the other girls that I feauture Hayden Winters is only borderline busty. But there's is no discussion she's one of the most beautiful models in the world of adult with an unique sophisticated look. Her new shoot at FTV Girls proves my previous words correct, enjoy her taking off her dress on the stairs.

Sapphire Blue also goes around as Megan Sweets.

12 April: Tiffany from Sweden

Tiffany from Sweden

Think of busty blondes (not hard right?) and tell me which country comes to your mind first. The chances are that many of you have thought of Sweden. Oddly enough only one model at Busty Legends comes from that country, retro star Uschi Digard. But now there's 19 years old Tiffany of 18andBusty. I am not too crazy about her face but there's certainly nothing wrong with her firm big breasts. 

12 April: Amy Reid and Vassanta

Amy Reid and Vassanta

When I just started my site Amy Reid was one the most talkes about and popular models around. And when she started doing hardcore in 2006 that was nothing but a sensation. But you know how it works we get used to things like that. But still it's good to see in her action again at Big Tits Round Asses.

Last weeks Vassanta looks even better in motion.

12 April: Jane meets Jenny Jones

Jane meets Jenny Jones

Told you two weeks ago that Janey Buckingham has a personal website, Jane32HH. This morning I had another look at it and stumbled upon an old girlfriend of ours, the pale skinned stunner Jenny Jones. They are having some busty fun together in the backyard... Jane and Jenny (what I call a pleasant suprise). And also check out a previous meeting Jane had with Miss Intrigue (curves galore!).

11 April: Alternative Victoria Rose

Alternative Victoria Rose

It sure has been a while since we could welcome a new alternative girl with big boobs. So I am glad to present you the pierced and tattooed Victoria Rose of Burning Angel. She's 19 years old, comes from Florida and is a student by day and a stripper by night. Oh and by the way her fantasy is: "rough hard sex with lots of choking and spanking in a dressing room" (hey those are not my ideas lol).

11 April: Justine from Poland

Justine from Poland

Sorry to boast but I do have a good memory for boobs :) While other sites simply present Justine from as a new model I immediately knew we had seen her before. I admit the name did not instantly came up but I browsed through  the Class of 2010 and found she's also Lilly of 18andBusty.  That changes nothing from the fact that this petite Polish girl looks delicious taking off her pink dress this time.

11 April: More of Alison Tyler

More of Alison Tyler

A couple of weeks ago we saw Alison Tyler go hardcore at Big Tits Round Asses. In the mean time my good friend of Your Dirty Mind discovered this tall (almost six feet) brunette aswell and made a nice collection of her best sex scenes sofar.

Remember blonde friends Shanty and Shannon ? They also took a boat ride, clips 01 02

11 April: Mandy angel in white

Mandy angel in white

There are worse ways to start a new week than with Mandy Dee. We meet her on the couch wearing sexy white lingerie. But you should know this angel by now and getting naked feels only natural for her. And heres he does a similar thing at Karups)

Two more sensual beauties showing what they got from god... Hailee Rain and Natalie Spice.

10 April: Big Beautiful Women

Big Beautiful Women
To be honest Big Beautiful Women were not my cup of tea when I first started blogging. Even today girls next door are my first love. But over the years the extra large ladies did start to grow on me. And if you been with one you know their soft curves make great company in the bedroom :P So it was about time I present you my favourites among them. Enjoy this overdose of boobs, butts and bellies.

09 April: Angela White all the way!

Angela White all the way!

Did you mark this day with a red circle on your calendar ? I didn't but that's only because the date was in my head ever since the announcement that Angela White would go hardcore. Scoreland asked Angela what she was expecting from this moment, her answer was crystal clear: "What am I expecting? I'm expecting a big, hard cock pounding into my pussy. I'm ready!". Well she got what she wished for :)

09 April: Amelie on glass

Amelie on glass

Mostly when a great 'on glass' moment takes place it is in the shower cabin. But some girls prefer a glass table or a window to show their skills. Like beautiful Latina Amelie (Or Layla Rose as she's mostly called) does today. So what do you say is she's allowed to enter the house after this performance ? Amelie on glass for Boobstudy. And she's pretty good with handling the oil bottle aswell.

08 April: Japanese morning sex

Japanese morning sex

I once read an article that one of the (many) differences between men and women is that a man likes sex in the morning and a woman doesn't. Well this guy from Japan didn't take no for answer :) His girlfriend pretends to be still sleeping while he plays with her big breasts. But he has other ways to make her really awake. But not all women are alike see how Lana Ivans gently wakes up her lover in this clip

08 April: Sydney JJ wild again

Sydney JJ wild again

I can't believe Sydney JJ isn't higher on the list of most popular models of Plumper Pass. As she happens to be of one my favourite extra large models but maybe she isn't chubby enough for the true lovers or Big Beautiful Women. Anyway maybe this new hardcore scene will give her a push. Sydney wears black stockings while having naughty fun with a black guy, pics and clip.

08 April: Coffee first

Coffee first

Good morning my friends believe it or not it turns out I have lots in common with Sensual Jane. We both start the day with coffee and then stare at big boobs. Ok I admit there's a slight difference, I don't look at my own pair like Jane does :)

More coffee drinkers: Iga, Arilida and Chantelle

07 April: Terri Jane locker room

Terri Jane locker room

Terri Jane only has two movies at Scoreland as we speak (samples here and here) but still she's voted the most popular models among the members. Should give you a pretty a good idea about her current popularity. In the following gallery Terri has just finished her work-out (not looking very sweaty though). Being the friendly girl she is Terri left the door to the locker room open :)

07 April: Wifey wearing a sweater

Wifey wearing a sweater

You know I am crazy about a pair of big tits in a sweater. I already knew about this existince of these amazing shots of Wifey cause I saw one picture once. The rest of them were hard to find cause the shoot took place back in 2001 (in case you wonder Wifey is still alive and sucking). But I have them now and I am proud to add them my collection... Wifey wearing a sweater (and how about these classics of Bettie).

07 April: Treehuggers


We have seen this beautiful and slender woman named Veralin one time before when she was naked at a lake. Today she's again nude in nature but this time she's hugging a tree instead... Gallery

And some girls don't leave it with hugging only, like Dasha of Femjoy who climbs in a tree (but she looks far from a tomboy don't worry).

06 April: Vassanta of Pinup Files

Vassanta of Pinup Files

Pinup Files went online in April 1998 so it's celebrating a 13th anniversary. It doesn't seem to bring them any bad luck, on the contrary! Cause here's newcomer Vassanta presenting her 34H big boobs. This 30 years old curvy lady gave birth to a baby in december 2010 and that had quite an impact on her bosom. Compare these post-pregnancy artistic shots I found on the web and you'll see what I mean :)

06 April: Tasha Knox Hand Domination

Tasha Knox Hand Domination

I told you before that the site Hand Domination has a suprising amount of busty amateurs. The last one I showed you was the very top heavy Trinity Michaels. A girl that I wish would become more active. Even more rare is Tasha a girl who we only saw 2 times before. So it's great to meet her again using her hands and tits to pleasure a tied up and masked guy.... Tasha Knox at Hand Domination

06 April: Deanna Baldwin

Deanna Baldwin

Looks like I am in an nostalgic mood (I must be getting old) cause also Deanne Baldwin is from the past. This slender blonde from California was active in the late nineties. Besides Busty Amateurs she also poses for Scoreland, samples 01 02 (yes indeed she walked a smilar path as that other hot blonde Mary Louise Fox). And as you can see her big breasts deserve not to be forgotten.  

06 April: More Candy

More Candy

"Candy, Candy , Candy I can't let you go. All my life you're haunting me. I loved you so". It happens quite often that old songs pop up in my head while watching a certain gallery. Like happened with this Iggy Pop classic when I found this new compilation of late 70's playmate Candy Loving. And there's also another stunning Candy (the british one from aprox. 5 years ago) who's perfect big boobs I'll never forget.

05 April: Violet of Cosmid

Violet of Cosmid

I am sure you have wondered what happened with the sensational Tess Ellen of Cosmid. Well her mom found about her actions and that spooked her. Sad I know but this is just the way it goes somestimes. However I do have a great clip of Violet of Cosmid to comfort you. Love what she says: "I am very thin but it seems everything I eat goes straight to my chest. What can I say ? I am freak of nature!". 

05 April: Lissy in the pool

Lissy in the pool

When I posted Lissy of Busty Teens before I said she looked familiar somehow. I did some research but I couldn't find much except for this escort profile (let me know when you booked her lol). Ah well here she's again skinny dipping in the pool. The water was still too cold for Sofie of Femjoy so she prefers to swim indoors instead. And lots of more swimming girls in my pool special.

05 April: Shay Laren at Pinup Files

Shay Laren at Pinup Files

I don't think Shay Laren worked with Pinup Files before but she fits right in their family of models don't you think ? Watch her reveal her big breasts in the bedroom. And please allow me to mention her candid shoot at GF Revenge once more!

More: Daisy strips in a hotel room and Suburban Brook looking sexy in black lingerie.

04 April: Alexia Rae in action

Alexia Rae in action

It's good to see that Alexia Rae is still around to enterain us. I got three new sex scenes of her for you to enjoy:

01. Sexy in purple and making passionate love at Big Tits Round Asses 02. Getting comfortable on the couch with her lover at I Know That Girl 03. And taking a cock between her floppy pair at Real Ex-Girlfriends

04 April: Leanne Crow casual

Leanne Crow casual

Spring is in the air and the lovely Leanne Crow is dressed casually on a sunny day.  Then she decides her big tits deserve a bit of sun aswell and takes off her clothes untill only her hat is left.

Remember Jacky O. the sad looking blonde from Germany ? I stumbled upon her as Jacky of Chesty Moms being naughty in the bathroom.

04 April: Introducing Isis Haze

Introducing Isis Haze

I always try to keep you up-to-date on who's and what's new but sometimes a model slips through the mazes :( Like happened with Isis Haze, in my defence I did mention her once when I added new galleries to the carwash special. Anyway Isis was discovered by a Score employee when he saw her perform in an exotic dance club in Wisconsin. He invited her for a shoot in Florida and the rest is history!

04 April: Connie and Chrissy

Connie and Chrissy

We kick off the new week with Czech beauty queen Connie. Who looks very tasty again popping out of her blue sweater (and you know how I feel about those!) at Digital Desire. And in case you didn't know this gorgeous girl also does hardcore, samples 01 02.

And in the kitchen Chrissy Marie shows her pink pussy and tits for you to enjoy.

03 April: Busty women with glasses

Busty women with glasses

I don't make Busty Specials to let them collect dust, no I keep updating them (adding new galleries, remove non working ones etc.). This morning I took the time to improve the one about women with glasses. When I was young you were called a nerd when you wore glasses but these days they are fashionable (I can only agree).  You'll find even more glasses when you follow this Juggs Joy tag.

02 April: Angela White the blowjob

Angela White the blowjob

The Angela White goes hardcore show continues. As you read last week her second scene is a blowjob one. "I'm a very oral person," Angela says. "I love food, I love sucking things, I love anything to do with my mouth." The trailer is a bit tame (understandable they want to keep it exclusive for the members) but I've seen the full scene and trust me you won't be disappoitned. And if you can't enough of Angela, she also does live webcam sessions these days.

02 April: Emma of Top Heavy Amateurs

Emma of Top Heavy Amateurs

We saw this young blonde named Emma one time before oiling her big breasts in the bathroom. This time she's again in the bathroom where she's getting ready to take a bath and takes off her silk bathrobe and underwear. Don't bother searching for more of her, as Emma seems a to be a one-shoot-wonder and only appeared at Top Heavy Amateurs. Pretty much the same story as the wonderful Lizzie Goldsmith.

01 April: Sex with Julia

Sex with Julia

Yes Japan on friday cause I want to make room for Angela's second scene tomorrow. Busty Julia returns once again for some premium entertainment. As foreplay four men play with her oiled up divine big boobs. Later on two of them are allowed to have sex with her (I can only imagine how bad the other two have felt, poor bastards). The way those boobs jiggle while Julia gets fucked is nothing but pure art.

01 April: Masha aka Polina

Masha aka Polina

When I did the Nubiles special last sunday, I highlighted Samantha as my absolute number one. I noticed I had some more content of her on my hard drive that was not in her BL profile yet. Which gives me a great excuse to post the big breasts of this rare model again. Here we go... taking off her clothes in mountains as Polina of Met Art and naked in the forest at Masha of Busty Teens.

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