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31 October: Never a boring moment!

Never a boring moment!

Never a boring moment with Noelle Easton! She's back at Big Tits Round Asses once more. To have sex ofcourse but also to have little fun prior that. You might remember the photo copy thing, this time she paints her big breasts first... Clip and pics.

More Noellle in the Halloween themed shots of Zishy (and much more busty Halloween candy here).

31 October: Summer Jay outdoors

Summer Jay outdoors

The face of Summer Jay may not be everyone's cup of tea. But nobody can deny this British girl got a wonderful body. She's certainly not shy about flaunting her assets either as you can see in this shoot were she takes off her long dress outdoors. 

Cute ebony teen Christie Sweet has sex at Teeny Black a thing she has also did for Round and Brown

31 October: Haley Cummings backstage

Haley Cummings backstage

I gue ss we all miss Haley Cummings. She's not entirely gone though. She has two kids now but this stay at home mom sitll makes some custom clips and also is active at MyFreeCams (using the screen name Haleybabii). I found these backstage pictures from her heyday during a shoot for Digital Desire.

Maggie Green arroused while reading a book.

30 October: Marina at Big Naturals

Marina at Big Naturals

In the present time we meet our Russian friend Marina Visconti at the pool wearing a sexy bikini. But you should know Marina by now which means the bikini doesn't stay on very long and she also enjoys some male company: Marina Visconti at Big Naturals.

Selena Star who's boobs are the size of grown man's head in action at Big Tits Round Asses.

30 October: Virginia Bell in motion

Virginia Bell in motion

This clip of Virginia Bell is most likely the oldest content I ever posted. Old or not this famous burlesque dancer from the 50's and 60's still manages to entertain me so many decades later. Here's another clip of this small (5'2" 157cm) women in which she pulls down her corset. And some bonus pictures aswell (what a wonderful smile by the way).  

The best news reporter ever is Shelly Jaminson.

30 October: My Mamming contribution

My Mamming contribution

Yesterday I read about this new social media thing called 'Mamming'. It's a breast cancer awareness thing where women make pictures of their (clothed) boobs laying on the objects (sure beats planking). Seemed like a good moment to update my resting big boobs special. I realize my contribution is less politically correct but I do care alot about boobs

29 October: Daniela of Czech Casting

Daniela of Czech Casting

Yes it's Czech Casting time again! What can I say, I love this type of content and even more so when I suspect the girl is indeed has no previous modelling experience. And that's the case with Daniela a slighty nerdy and alternative amateur with a set of veiny big tits. She's not exactly photogenic but I still think she should continue to model :) Daniela of Czech Casting.

29 October: Group of Legends

Group of Legends

Earlier this month I already showed you pictures of this amazing gathering of legends. But since it's not every day that we see five pair of such big boobs on row I figured to make a clip of this meeting aswell. It's Michelle Bond who orders Valory, Lana, Eden, Sophie and Arianna to take off their sloppy clothes and show their naked bodies from every angle. Wow footage beyond reasonable doubt :P

29 October: Anabelle Mayaa

Anabelle Mayaa

Anabelle Mayaa is one who slipped through my net (always moment of embarrassement). This blonde with an impressive pair of heavy hangers comes from Poland and already has been active since 2008. She never got very active though as she did only couple of shoots at Boobsgarden (now called My Boobs). And here she's with a friend called Candiee.  

28 October: Samantha Jay wet shirt

Samantha Jay wet shirt

Busty models making white shirt wet is a classic kind of shoot. So Samantha Jay isn't going to win any prize for originalty. But things become classic for a reason and there's nothing wrong with imitating a classic concept! And she does get bonus point for lifting up that shirt and revealing her suckable wet big breasts :P Samantha Jay making her shirt wet.  

28 October: Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi

Italian Valentina Nappi is not chesty enough to be featured often. But she has undeniable lots of sex appeal and wonderful body so she deserves the spotlight every once in a while. She also a very active model who did plenty of scenes since I last mentioned her. Some higlights: two times at Teen Like It Big 01 02, a blowjob with glasses, handling two men, at Monster Curves and CFNM Secret, and my favourie having oiled sex at Big Tit Creampie.      

28 October: Joanna Bliss and Lola

Joanna Bliss and Lola

Joanna Bliss is what you call a regular at DDF as recently her 37th shoot for that site was released. Nothing groundbreaking going in it but hey it's always nice to see her very big tits again. My favourite ones by the way are the duo shoots she did, several with other legends like Katarina and Michelle but to my surprise never with Lola another DDF regular who takes off her red lingerie in this gallery

27 October: The Brits of Scoreland

The Brits of Scoreland

Last week I presented you my favourite busty Americans at Scoreland. Today we're going to have a look on the other side of the Atlantic as I selected my favorite British models who posed for Scoreland at some point in their careers. Ofcourse the usual suspects are listed (you simply can't ignore the legends) aswell as some more rare young ladies.  

26 October: Lorna Morgan

Lorna Morgan

When I made the sweet smiles special a few weeks ago a visitor urged me to add Lorna Morgan to the collection. The guy had a point, Lorna is one of the most friendly looking ladies ever. So I honoured his request and added her and 4 more models to the special. Since we're talking about Lorna I might aswell as show you this 5 minutes long clip of this classic sweater/oiled up shoot.

26 October: Hana Haruna

Hana Haruna

Saturday so it's time to travel to Japan. No clip as usual (but I have more than 150 Japanse boobs in motion archived at Juggs Joy) but two pictures galleries instead. The first is one is of Hana Haruna who is naked and wet in the bathroom and in a garden tub. The second one is Saki Okuda an elegant young beauty who pulls up her shirt and panties. 

25 October: Busty fun at Haze Her

Busty fun at Haze Her

 In the most recent Haze Her episode I spotted two interesting girls. One of them is Keisha Grey who I showed you earlier this week. The other and most interesting one is a petite Latina with juicy pair of floppy big breasts. No name yet but I'll let you know once I know more. And for a good look at her ass check out this this clip. Too bad the career of Krista James who also made her debut at Haze Her (clip is a must see) seems to be gone already. 

25 October: Marketa in motion

Marketa in motion

Several of you have asked me if I found out more on Marketa of Czech Casting. Sofar the answer is no and maybe there will never be a second time at least if what Marketa tell in this clip is true (unless you're willing to pay her a million). Ofcourse this could very well be just acting but she come across as really shy. Ah well only time will tell, I do know her boobs of this sweet woman looks bigger and better in motion.  

24 October: Noelle Easton 'Coed Fever'

Noelle Easton 'Coed Fever'

The first time we met (and in fell in love with) Noelle Easton was when she had sex with her teacher at Naughty Bookworms. Well she's back in the classroom once more and again the teacher can't keep his eyes (and hands) off her big boobs. In his defence I must say that Noelle is dressed provocatively and she doesn't mind his 'attention' either, on the contrary :) Noelle Easton 'Coed Fever'.

24 October: Introducing Olivia Blu

Introducing Olivia Blu

Olivia Blu is another newcomer. She's a very slender (skinny if you like) girl from North Carolina. I found taking off her clothes in the hallway of ATK. But that's not all as Olivia also did a hardcore scene already, which she did with Ryan at Pornfidelity.

Teacher Jess giving busty lessons at Wank It Now.

24 October: Silicone free Jayne

Silicone free Jayne

I woke up this morning in the mood for a mature model, preferable one I didn't know yet. Well my search ended when I stumbled up Jayne of SilconeFree. Who, I admit, doens't look that mature but she does has the natural housewife looks and a mindblowing pair of pale big tits, so need to look to further. Anyone remember Adina from the same site ? She's another rare and very natural amateur.  

23 October: Newcomer Shae Summers

Newcomer Shae Summers

About a month ago a visitor already tipped me off about Shae Summers. Her first scene now finally is out and I can introduce you this very cute brunette with beautiful shaped big breasts (with tanlines). She first fools around with her friend Daisy Summers (no sisters or they wouldn't be doing this) and later both of them have sex with a male friend. A very promising girl....Shae Summers at GF Revenge.

23 October: Jenny and Kristina

Jenny and Kristina

And we go from medium busty to incredible huge chested as here are Dominican bosom buddies Kristina Milan and Jenny having fun in the sun. More specifically in the pool where they jump around and do other tricks like well trained sea lions :) Clip. In case you wonder who Jenny is, she's kind of a mystery model and I never spotted her anywhere else besides XX-Cel, a one and done most likely.   

23 October: Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

Here's another borderline busty girl next door doing porn. The pretty girl you see here is Keisha Grey who comes from Florida and started her career in September 2013. I could live without the tattoo's but her round ass and suckable boobies compensate!

Paulina is a model I haven't posted in ages, admire her all naked in high heels in this gallery.

22 October: Toni Leanne at Busty Brits

Toni Leanne at Busty Brits

I realize I say this almost every time when I make a gallery of Busty Brits but they really understand how to get the best out of model. Just look at these pictures of Toni Leanne. Untill now I thought of this brunette as a 'nice' model and nothing more. But seeing her this way, she goes from nice to great.... Toni Leanne amazing at Busty Brits.  Wait I never mentioned befor that's active at Cosmid aswell!

22 October: Georgie Lyall hardcore!

Georgie Lyall hardcore!

Wow look at this! It turns out that Georgie's fake sex scenes for Downblouse Loving wasn't just teasing but warming up. As this attractive Scottish blonde recently did her first true hardcore scene. It only costs the taxi drive 100 Pounds to have some naughty fun on the backseat, sounds like a steal to me! Clip:  Georgie Lyall hardcore at Fake Taxi.

22 October: Carpenter Chrissy

Carpenter Chrissy

There a several recurring things in DDF productions. Shoots in the sauna is one and so are pool table shoots. Another thing that DDF gives us regularly are busty contruction workers like in this new shoot where we see Hungarian honey Chrissy as a stripping carpenter. And the show ísn't over yet as I also spotted Chrissy go interracial at Black on Blondes.  

21 October: Lily Madison in the morning

Lily Madison in the morning

I've been looking forward to see more of Lily Madison and this second shoot in which this British redhead does her morning ritual isn't a let down at all as she looks smashing in her lingerie, brushes her teeth, checks herself out in the mirror and puts on a sexy red dress... What more can you ask for ? Such a sensual young lady :P Lily Madison's morning ritual at Scoreland.  

21 October: Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

If I could pick three models to re-appear at Pinup Files it would be Vassanta, Groovacious Kay and Julie Anderson. As all three looked fantastic and made way too less content. However the chances of that happening are slim but I do have five minutes footage of Julie's wonderful big boobs for you. By the way if you look around you can find more of her non site related art shoots too (example).       

21 October: Leila Lowfire

Leila Lowfire

During the weekend I stumbled upon a curly brunette from Germany going by the name of Leila Lowfire. She has no problem going naked for art's sake and shares the very original and tasteful shots on her personal blog. Love her body and love her attitude (she seems to be a rock chick always a bonus). 

Daisiy intimate in the bedroom of MC Nudes.

20 October: Scoreland busty Americans

Scoreland busty Americans

Ofcourse I already had a Scoreland special but since they have so many models in their member area, it does't quite cover the variation they offer. So I decided to make seperate specials dedicated to this legendary site which you can expect in the coming weeks. This first one is dedicated to their American models. As always this reflects my personal taste so don't feel offended if you're favourite isn't listed!

19 October: Anna Natsuki treadmill

Anna Natsuki treadmill

And we're not quite done with exercising! On the contrary as Japanese sweetheart Anna Natsuki (yes there's another Anna) becomes way more active as Siri ever did. Ok the treadmill may go rather slow at first but gradually the speed goes up (and more importantly so does the bouncing). No I have no clue what she's saying but it sure sounds sweet :) Clip

19 October: Siri working out

Siri working out

This is in my opinion the best shoot I saw at Siri's personal website sofar. I know how her boobs look by now but seeing them squeezed into a tight aerobics outfits is truely candy for the eyes.... Gallery 

Bonus: British cutie Elizabeth James taking off her sporty outfit and many more busty models working out in this previous special.

18 October: Lana Kendrick as Lara Croft

Lana Kendrick as Lara Croft

Wow Lana Kendrick as Lara Croft is a perfect match! Some time ago I read that the computer game developers had reduced Lara's breast size to portray a more realistic image. Well Lana certertainly proofs that proportions like that do exist, however I do admit that tall, slender and natural top heavy models don't grow on trees. So Lana is the perfect candidate to play Lara in a movie some day!

18 October: Lexy of FTV Girls

Lexy of FTV Girls

Redhead Lexy is a forgotten model (not by me though) who did a shoot at FTV Girls back in 2004 (she worked for a few other sites aswell). I noticed her profile didn't have any content of her in motion. Untill now that this as in this clip she releases her beautiful big breasts from a her classy silk blouse.

Wanessa Lilio oils up her huge ones outside.    

18 October: Sandra Boobies

Sandra Boobies

Polish lady Sandra Boobies made her debut at DDF in May this year. Well she's has done three more hardcore scene since then, so let's have a look at them: 01. As a horny tutor giving a student the best guidance he can wish for 02. As a naughty nurse (together with Jasmine Black) treating a patient in their own special way 03. And using her mouth, hand and big boobs to please a man in the bathroom

17 October: Marketa of Czech Casting

Marketa of Czech Casting

Casting in the Czech Republic never stops, there simply seems to be an endless stream of new girls that are willing to take their clothes off in front of the camera and who knows what more. The one I selected for you this time is a girl named Marketa (they sure have a lot of Marketa's lol). Pretty, natural and with all the right curves on the right places... a true talent! And a non nude clip as a bonus.  

17 October: Lara in the bathroom

Lara in the bathroom

In February this year I made this gallery of rare French amateur Lara who only modelled for XX-Cel back in 2006. There so many reasons why I love this clip I made for you today: for starters there's the way she reveals her big tits by taking off her bathrobe. I also love her shy smile and her inexperienced way of posing, you can cleary see she's new to this and is looking for directions.   

17 October: Meet Rene Love

Meet Rene Love

The posts of the last two days all contained famous models, nothing wrong with that but I also love featuring less known or new faces (and the matching big breasts ofcourse) so this day is going to be all about that. The first one is a ebony model who made her debut at Scoreland a few months ago. This sweet looking young lady with impressive heavy hangers goes by the name of Rene Love.    

16 October: Hungry for Siri

Hungry for Siri

Actually Siri and her friend Clover already made reservations at an exclusive restaurant. But as soon as Clover saw the big boobs of Siri in a tight black dress his appetite was sudenly gone, his appetite for eating that is :) Siri was really wanted go out instead but you know easily she's convinced when it comes down to having sex! Oh I just noticed showed you the threesome scene Siri did with Dayna Vendetta.

16 October: Danielle 'inside me'

Danielle 'inside me'

"I feel like this video really shows the passion and chemistry that can take place between two people having sex. Watching my soft body against Johnny's hard, muscular body while editing this video actually kind of turned me on (which is unusual...and no I don't masturbate to my own videos)." Danielle 'inside me' (btw: these two lovers met during the shoot Danielle did at Naughty America).

16 October: Noelle at Scoreland

Noelle at Scoreland

It was only a matter of time (I am actually surprised it took this long) that Scoreland would arrange a shoot with Noelle Easton. And as you might have guessed already the moment is there now is and you can see her try on several sets of skimpy lingerie. 

A nice collection of animated tits gifs.

15 October: Shione bahtroom sex

Shione bahtroom sex

We meet Shione Cooper in the bathroom only wearing a towel and her lover for the day sitting in the tub. Needless to tell you that he does what you and I would so in such situation... making sure that towel comes off ASAP! He plays with her big boobs for a while and gets her into the tub where the good times continue.... Shione Cooper sex in the bathroom (damn she's a wild one for sure).  

15 October: Female Agent Jane

Female Agent Jane

Sensual Jane is moving up fast in the hierarchy of Female Agent. Not that long ago she was sitting on the couch herself showing off her body and sexual skills. This time she's the one doing the job interview (love her classy and sexy office outfit) with a new male talent. And Jane not only asks questions but also wants to feel if the guy has got what it takes! Clip: Female Agent Sensual Jane

15 October: Josephine aka Connie

Josephine aka Connie

A few of you mailed me that Tessa was dressed as Wonder Woman. Ah well I can't know everything but I do agree she's a wonder woman indeed :) And you know who's wonderful too ? Connie Carter aka Josephine. Not that you didn't know that yourself already but she never stops amazing me. Admire her elegant and naked in the bedroom of Femjoy and looking sizzling hot masturbating at Watch4Beauty.  

14 October: Cosplay with Tessa Fowler

Cosplay with Tessa Fowler

I am not going to lie just because Tessa Fowler likes it. Cosplay isn't really my thing. But with that being said I am more than willing to give it a try and that's because Tessa likes it :) Not sure if I am supposed to recognize the way she's dressed, maybe it's the costume of a well known heroic figure who knows ? I do know it's good to see her majestic big tits come out again... Cosplay with Tessa Fowler

14 October: Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye

You don't see it in the thumbnail but apart from a cowgirl hat Cameron Skye also brought a guitar with her to this shoot, so it looks Dolly Parton finally is getting some serious competion for being the most chesty country singer :) But there's more to report about Cameron as did the weekend her first sex scene was released (not a huge surprise as she did a tit and tug scene before), pics and clip.      

14 October: College pool party

College pool party

We start the new week with some college fun: The most recent episode of College Rules features a pool party out of the control. Ofcourse I wouldn't mention it if there wasn't any busty entertainment it. Reponsible for it is our new friend Dillion Carter. And I also spotted her stroking a man at Tugjobs.

Natalie Moore at the beach and shot by Zishy.

13 October: Sweet smiles (and big boobs)

Sweet smiles (and big boobs)
It's may sounds strange coming from me but the smile of a girl is almost as important as the size of her bosom. And just like boobs I love them natural and not fake :) Naughty smiles are ok but often look too 'forced'. My favourite one is the sweet, almost shy, smile and you can see plenty of those in this special: busty girls with sweet smiles.

12 October: A royal treatment

A royal treatment

Somewhere in a Japanese sauna Nana Aoyama, Airu Oshima and Nao Tachibana are giving a lucky gentleman a royal treatment. You may have doubts when watching the preview thumbnail but he did indeed survive this treatment :) And even when he didn't, there are worse ways to go out than being smothered by three pair of big breats! Clip.

12 October: Secretary Raquel Stoops

Secretary Raquel Stoops

This shoot of our blonde friend from Alabama Raquel Stoops aka Rockell Starbux would have been perfect to post yesterday (casual Friday). Ah well it works just as good on a Saturday. So let's enjoy her unbutton her white blouse and take off her bra and skirt untill she's fully naked, no I didn't forget the panties, she did :) Secretary Raquel Stoops (btw: she did a similar shoot for Scoreland before).       

11 October: Talking with Lillian Faye

Talking with Lillian Faye

Lillian Faye always was a favourite but after watching this interview she enters my all time top 10. Her shy and sweet personality in combination with her skinny body and mindblowing big boobs are simply irresistible. And the bonus pictures of Lillian taking off a tiny bikini are priceless aswell. All in all one of the best galleries I ever made. But don't thank me, it's all Lillian! More women talking about their boobs here.

11 October: Tessa and the IT guy

Tessa and the IT guy

Tessa Lane is  aving her IT guy, Danny, take a look at her laptop.  Long story short: they end up having sex in the executive restroom... Clip

Somewhere in a Japanese office Hitomi Tanaka has been hired for a team building activity :)

And here's even more busty office sex.   

10 October: Rare Latina Dynamite

Rare Latina Dynamite

Dynamite is busty Latina who did one (hardcore) scene in 2011. So we're a talking about a true one-hit-wonder and I doubt if many of you have seen her before. I do know that many of will be pleased to meet her cause this girl has some impressive big tits. She looks kind of a shy but that's probaly because of her braces and doesn't give a full smile... Dynamte of Culioneros. I did notice she still is active as a camgirl for Naked (screen name Dynamite Tits 38 DD).  

10 October: Jamie's first movie

Jamie's first movie

When her second shoot was released at Cosmid I already mentioned that British sweetheart Jamie also was going to submit movies. Well her first one is online now. Don't expect any groundbreaking, looking at the dimension Jamie filmed it with her phone and she simply strips while playing some music. But it still is amazing to watch this young beauty in motion!

10 October: Lavina Dram & Nixie Night

Lavina Dram & Nixie Night

Back with more of Lavina Dream. This friendy looking young lady from Romania takes off her clothes in the garden in this gallery. Apart from those juicy big tits and I also love how  well proportioned her body is.

Nixie Night is another curvylicious model. She comes from California and has been active at XL-Girls since July 2012.         

09 October: Noelle sexy and funny!

Noelle sexy and funny!
In my opinion porn is often way too predicatble: girl gets naked, girl has sex... end of scene. The clip I made for you today is an excellent example of creative thinking. Prior to a hardcore shoot Noelle Easton is asked to make a photocopy of her amazing big boobs. Sexy and funny, thumbs up for both Noelle and Bangbros! Watch and learn content producers!

09 October: Jessica and Bex

Jessica and Bex

Jessica Roberts returns at Scoreland where she takes off her seductive lingerie and plays with herself. "In school I had bigger tits than her teachers all the boys loved me and all the girls hated me" :) Gallery  

New at Scoreland is British, former Big Brother contender, Bex Shiner. And for her true fans, she also started a personal website

09 October: Evita Lima aka Evelina

Evita Lima aka Evelina

Almost as adorable as Marta from below is this girl named Evita Lima of Rylsky Art. With her cute looks, slender body and suckable boobies she's a true heartbreaker. We have met this cutie before by the way as Evelina of Showybeauty 01 02 03

Zoey Wayne is a pierced newcomer from the US who looks a bit like a young Shione Cooper.

08 October: Divine Marta of Met Art

Divine Marta of Met Art

It was in August this year that we saw Marta of Met Art for the first time. This slender blue eyed brunette comes close to my dream girl (she's almost too perfect) so needless to tell you I was excited to spot a second shoot at Met Art. And oh boy she looks breath taking beautiful wearing a mesh bathrobe and later fully naked in front of the piano.  

08 October: Nanny and Klaudia

Nanny and Klaudia

Last month I informed you about the fact that Primecups is back in business. The two most recent scenes of that site are with Nanny and Klaudia Hot (both from Hungary). I have previews of both: Nanny plays with her big boobs and masturbates using a dildo. Klaudia (spelled Claudia this time) prefers something natural inside her pussy instead of plastic.    

08 October: Rock girl Harriet

Rock girl Harriet

Normally newcomer Harriet of Cosmid (UK) wouldn't have made it to this site. Her boobies are medium sized at best. So what she's doing here? Well I like her natural looks but what's even more appealing to me is that Harriet is a singer in a rock band and I am sucker for female rockers. More top heavier but less attractive is Fiona from Florida who has been active for Cosmid for a while already.

07 October: Lyla Ashby in the tub

Lyla Ashby in the tub

Lyla Ashby arrives at DDF for the first time. Good news as I like this curvy British blonde a lot! And oh boy she does look amazing here in the bathroom getting naked and having fun in the tub... Gallery

But this gallery of Britney is still my favourite DDF bathroom shoot ever. And Chrissy pleasing a patient as a kinky nurse as a bonus.  

07 October: Akane Mizuki massage

Akane Mizuki massage

Here's is the postponed Japanese clip of last weekend, in which Akana Mizuki (not earlier on my site) gives a lucky gentleman a body-to-body massage. Feeling those oiled big breasts against your back must be wonderful thing :P Remember the time Hitomi Tananka did the same thing ? And here's another massage movie starringh Holly Michaels who gets a premium treament at Passion HD. 

07 October: Pics of Dillion Carter

Pics of Dillion Carter

Last week I showed you two clips of Dillion Carter of Bangbros. Since not everyone prefers movies (but it's a undeniable a trend) I dediced to make a picture gallery of this slender and cute newcomer aswell. 

Also slender is Summer St. Claire. This British blonde got one of the sweetest smile I ever saw! Check it (and her) out yourself here stripping in the classroom.

06 October: Busty glamcore special

Busty glamcore special

Over the past years Glamcore (romaticly filmed HD porn with beautiful actors) has become very popular. I believe it was X-Art who started this trend and it got quickly adopted by more sites. I can't say it's exactly my thing but there's no question it can look very good. My only real objection is the shortage of big tits in this genre. However I did manage to find enough busty glamcore for a special.  

05 October: Siri surprise escort

Siri surprise escort

I hate to break with traditions but due to technical problems I have no Japanese clip for you today. But hey I have Siri's latest scene at Naughty America for you instead so it's not all bad. Tyler is shocked to see his sister's friend turn up when he orders an escort. Siri is equally shocked but together they come to an agreemant with mutual benefits :) Siri at My Sister's Hot Friend.

05 October: Aneta and Bea in the tub

Aneta and Bea in the tub

We go from five legendary models to two as Polish friends Bea Flora and Aneta Buena are playing with each other's big boobs in the jacuzzi.

Aneta has met many Polish models during her career, a few highlights: in the sauna with Ines Cudna, on a boat trip with Kora Kryk and ofcourse this famous pool shoot.   

04 October: Five naked legends

Five naked legends

This pricess group shoot most likely was made in 2011 but was only released at Scoreland this week. Valory Irene, Eden Mor, Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans and Sophie Mei were all invited by Michelle to follow her course "The Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Men". The first lesson she taught them was how to dress sexy. In order to that they first had to take off their every day outfits and get naked.... Gallery

04 October: Jaye scrubs the floor

Jaye scrubs the floor

The bastards of Downblouse Loving have found another 'victim' to scrub the floor, the last one was Gemma Lou cleaning the carpet in the bedroom. The assignement for Welsh redhead Jay Rose was to make the bathroom floor all spotless and shiny again. It's a dirty job but someone got to do it and Jaye deserves credit for making the best of it :) And here she's pretty in pink lingerie and stockings.

04 October: Stacey's calendar

Stacey's calendar

The 2014 calendar season has begun. One that deserves to be on the wall (if your significant other agrees that is) of every booblover is the one of Stacey Poole.  Every picture was shot on a sunny location which help you to keep warm during cold winter days (although Stacey in the snow is just as hot). Check out: Stacey's 2014 calendar.

03 October: Cassie Becker seethrough

Cassie Becker seethrough

A few months ago I showed you Cassie Becker of Zishy. Well every fool can see the potential of this beautiful girl if she ever would decide to pose naked or topless. Well the moment is not there but we're getting somewhere with these daring shots of Cassie Becker wearing a seethrough blouse. Very sexy stuff and it makes me even more curious about her seeing her bare big breasts. Are you paying attention FTV Girls ? She would be a perfect match for your site. 

03 October: More Dillion Carter

More Dillion Carter

One thing is sure: Dillion Carter will not be an  one-hit-wonder as two days after her debut a second scene has been released. This time this young cutie is having sex in the bedroom of Big Tits Round Asses.

I  never secretly fantasize about getting banged by a girl with a strap-on. But this guy obviouslly has different dreams and Felicia is happy to fullfil them!  

03 October: Natalie Fiore green dress

Natalie Fiore green dress

 Yesterday Natalie Fiore turned 37 which means I am a day too late to offcially wish her a happy birthday. I am truely sorry about that Natalie but I would like to tell you I am a huge fan of your big boobs and looks. I prefer your friendly housewife style over the so called cougars. Now that I think of it you're more like the French equivalent of Lorna Morgan which is a  big  compliment. Anyway here's Natalie pulling down her green dress in a shoot for XX-Cel

02 October: Romana of Czech Casting

Romana of Czech Casting

Ofcourse Rita has been around for a while (2011 to be exact) so this isn't the first time she takes off her clothes in front of the camera. But that doesn't mean it isn't good to watch her do so for Czech Casting as Romana. Actually it's remarkable how good she still looks with little make-up and with full light, a natural beauty indeed! Anyone rememer one-hit-wonder Jarka ? This how she looks to kids later!

02 October: Karina of Culioneros

Karina of Culioneros

Another Karina but a very different one is Karina of Culioneros who did four sex scenes in early 2012. I am not entirely sure but I believe this black woman is coming from Colombia and never did any shoots for other sites. This rather unknow model is a must see for the lovers of very big black boobs (and let's not forget about her massive ass). And in this second clip Karina is having sex on the balcony.

02 October: Maid Karina Heart

Maid Karina Heart

As you can see in my busty maids special it is not the first time that Karina Heart is wearing a French maid outfit. I guess we can agree that it suits her very welll but she looks even better without it. So watch her take it off in a hotel hallway... Gallery.  

Also Sammy strips out of a maid outfit. She is by the way the same girl as Sammi of U Got It Flaunt it!

01 October: Newcomer Dillion Carter

Newcomer Dillion Carter

The good news is this sweet girl next door with firm big tits named Dillion Carter who's first hardcore scene was released at Big Mouthfuls this week. She got it all to become a new star, the only question is if she will stick around. You never know with these type of newcomers. Examples of high potentials who left way too soon are: Krista James, Bree Phoenix and Alana Lace (who has similar looks like Dillion).

01 October: Danica Collins retires

Danica Collins retires

I got good and bad news for you today. The bad one first: Danica Collins has announced her retirement: "After over 30 years in the business the time has come for me to slip out of my silky stockings and 6 inch heels." One of the longest lasting careers has come to end. On behalf of all booblovers I want to thank you for your great work, I guess you have more time now to relax in the garden

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