Big Boobs Alert

Body transformations: Felicia Clover, September Carrino, Courtney Cass, Titania Lynn and others

Lately we've seen some drastic body changes (the curvy comeback of Alana Lace and the weight loss of Micky Bells for example). I figured to make a special about the most remarkable ones that came to my mind (feel free to mail me others). Sometimes it's good news in other cases not so good as losing fat generally makes breasts smaller (also post pregnancy can have a big impact). Enjoy this collection of before and after galleries.
Felicia Clover Felicia Clover September Carrino September Carrino
Felicia Clover September Carrino
Alana Lace Alana Lace Vassanta Vassanta
Alana Lace Vassanta
Courtney Cass Courtney Cass Dana Dana
Courtney Cass Dana
Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue Micky Bells Micky Bells
Sapphire Blue Micky Bells
Brooke Brooke Angelica Raven Angelica Raven
Brooke Angelica Raven
Titania Lynn Titania Lynn
Titania Lynn